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    Default Here they are... Dark Angels Jan. 2013

    The dice gods have in their infinite wisdome allowed me to snatch a White Dwarf way before it should be possible

    So here you are... Sorry for the crap pic. posting.. I am new at this hehe

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    Well... Don't I have an expensive January ahead of me.


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    I think I just threw up in my mouth on seeing that land speeder

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    Not liking the look of that new Land Speeder at all. The Deathwing Knights and the new fighter jet look pretty nifty though, though I doubt the prices for them will! I'm sure my couple mates who play Dark Angels will love this lot. Twin linked plasma guns on the bikes is kinda nasty!

    Loving the cover art for the new codex!
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    Awesome, awesome, awesome, cannot wait, really looking forward to the new codex. My credit card is ready

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    What the........but...... WHAT ARE THESE THINGS????? the Landspeeder looks fail with more Bling then a Rapper! I do like those little planes though.........wonder if there a new "everyone gets" Or DA only flier.
    Potential war gameing Jawa.

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    I hereby dub it...The DerpSpeeder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexington View Post
    I hereby dub it...The DerpSpeeder.
    I agree or the Prayer Mobile.
    Potential war gameing Jawa.


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