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    Default 1850 csm list help

    Hey guys as you know I've been trying to make a decent unmarked night lords list for competitive play. This christmas I was blessed to get damn near my whole army, my wife loves me a lot lol. Then on another website a guy rips my army saying its going to suck, I need marks, night lords are all about raptors etc. I am just posting this list in order to see if I went wrong somewhere.
    Prince Of crows(huron):160
    6 terminators w/5 combi-plasma/reaper autocannon/votlw/:258
    9 csm w/flamer/rhino/close combat weapons/:167
    10 csm w/votlw/2 plasma guns/rhino/:215
    2x10 csm w/2 meltaguns/rhino/votlw/:410
    6 bikes w/2 plasma gun/power maul/votlw/:181
    1 heldrake w/baleflamer/:170
    2 maulerfiends w/tendrils/:270

    Your honest opinions and critiques would be most welcome.

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    It looks like a pretty decent list to me.

    Night Lords are known for making more extensive use of Raptors than most Chaos Marine forces, but they aren't 'all about them', they just tend to use them more often for their sudden terror and shock troop factor.

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    Another question I have is about my csm squads, I was advised to put a powerfist on my champion. I think meltabombs do the same job as a powerfist, and I can't see myself putting 25 points into a model that will get mulched in a challenge.

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    Prince Of crows(huron):160
    6 terminators w/6 combi-plasmaa/votlw/chainfist/:250
    9 csm w/flamer/rhino/close combat weapons/lightning claw/meltabomb/:187
    10 csm w/votlw/2 meltagun/rhino/lightning claw/meltabomb:225
    2x10 csm w/2 meltaguns/rhino/lightning claw/meltabomb/:450
    2x6 bikes w/2 plasma gun/power maul/votlw/:376
    1 heldrake w/baleflamer/:170

    My totals may be a little off I apologize going off my memory



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