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    Default Mordor List 2250 points

    As I've already got a Gondor force which is Cav and shooting heavy I've gone for monsters and elite infantry with my Mordor list

    Epic Hero
    Gothmog 110
    The Betrayer 125

    4 Companies of Morannon Orcs, Captain, Drummer, Task Master, Banner & Shaman 325
    4 Companies of Morannon Orcs, Captain, Drummer, Task Master & Banner 225
    4 Companies of Morannon Orcs, Captain, Drummer, Task Master & Banner 225
    3 Companies of Isengard Uruk Hai with Crossbows (allies)

    Mordor Troll 100
    Mordor Troll 100
    Mordor Troll Chieftan 200
    3 Companies of Black Guard of Barad Dur with Captain, Banner and Drummer 250

    1 Company of Castellans of Dul Guldur 135
    Witch King on Fell beast 325

    Total: 2225

    I know castellans aren't supposed to be that great but I love the models and with all the other targets I'm presenting to the enemy they might just make it through. The Witch King is a large investment at 325 but again I love the model and I think he'll make his points back being a flying monster. The Betrayer is to go with the crossbows and provide me some cover for my assaulting monsters and Morannon Orc masses.

    C&C welcome
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    It looks like a solid list, but i┤d take warg riders in place of one of the morranon orc groups and the shaman maybe. Like: 2X3 companies with little upgradges like captain&banner. OH, and shields are also quite good.



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