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    Default Who is the most powerful character in all WFB lore/history?

    Who is the most powerful? The most cunning? The best looking?

    Since this is not an easy question, I will break it down a bit. Who is the most powerful character in terms of combat prowess (be it magic, mounted, archery or meele) in the warhammer world that is alive at the present day, which is let's say around 2530, after the Storm of Chaos. I personally think Grimgor Ironhide is the best because he is an ork...... But in all seriousness I think it is a tie between Grimgor, Gotrek Gurnisson and Teclis.

    The second part of the question is who is the most powerful character out of the all deceased characters in Warhammer lore and who is the most powerful out of both deceased and living? Again in terms of combat prowess.

    The third part, list the best out of all magic, meele, mounted and archery users/warriors.

    And finally the fourth part, which creature or non-mortal in past and present(not including undead) is the most powerful in terms of combat? Let the debate begin......
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    Hmm the most powerful spellcaster is I'd say without a shadow of a doubt Caledor Dragontamer who built the Vortex at the heart of Ulthuan (and he continues to maintain it to the present day) which prevents Chaos from overwhelming the world. I'd say Nagash is a close second place.

    In terms of combat then hands down winner has to be Aenarion when he had the Sword of Khaine in hand, the guy could (and did) slaughter whole armies of daemons singlehanded including multiple greater daemons.

    Most powerful currently living I'd say is Teclis.
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    With the rules given for the White Dwarf, I would say him!
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    Sigmar. Destroyed every enemy that came at him (including smashing Nagash in the face), united a people, founded a nation and rather than dying decided to become a god. He even managed to earn the eternal friendship and respect of the Dwarves!
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    Nope, for me it's Gotrek, sure he maybe a lowly Dwarven Slayer but just what hasn't he killed ?
    Snorri a close second, I maybe slightly biased as I do love the books.

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    For present day ones, how about Orion? He as close to immortal as you get outside the realm of Chaos.
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    In all areas, Nagash.

    Ok, he's been killed, but he's been killed several times and keeps coming back for more. He's probably also the only sentient creature in the Old World to have successfully denied the Chaos Gods his tasty, tasty soul. Even the current most powerful undead beings are still afraid of him.

    Tire Iron and Teflon the non-stick mage (I mean, of course, Tyrion and Teclis) are certainly front runners for the living category. I'm sure I read somewhere that Teclis was the most powerful mage since Nagash at the height of his powers. On a related note, Malekith is no slouch...

    Slann mages, past and present should probably get a look in. You could even state a case for the Old Ones.

    Gotrek of course should definitely be up in the top set of scrappers (ok, Snorri too. Snorri fell out of a gyrocopter once...)
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    Sigmar has never been killed and is now a god. Definitely better than Nagash.
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    How is it possible that Archaon hasn't been mentioned yet!?!?

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    Because his name is the correct Reikspeil spelling for 'comlete and abject failure'??

    Has to be Nagash. He's utterly, utterly insane, and has the power to defeat Chaos on the Warhammer World, and there is seemingly nothing to stop him other than a lack of the fuel he needs. Oh, and his missing claw and crown. He's horrendous, and you just can't kill him!
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