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    I would say that there is no "most" powerful and these guys are all pretty much evenly matched.....

    -Mannfred von carstien (The guy is nutty powerful now in the fluff, I call him Nagash Jr)
    -Nagash (Kinda but he keeps getting WTF pwned...)
    -Neferata (Angry female queen anyone?)
    -Malekith (Didn't he steal nagash's crown?)
    -Morathi (Dark elf chaos blessed crazy woman!)

    Oh wait we all forgot about

    Valkia, a gods consort......ya safe to say she is going to take on everyone and win.
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    Excuse me if this is an old thread, but I just woke up and thus time means nothing to me.

    From a High Elf perspective, Tyrion and Teclis would definitely be right up there; the former is Aenarion reborn, the latter obliterated Malekith's physical form and is widely considered the most powerful living mage (he also taught the Empire the schools of magic). I think though that in a world like Fantasy, there is no single 'most powerful' - almost every faction/race has their own 'demi-god' warrior/mage.
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    How to start a war lol

    But on a serious note, in background wise on the case of magic-casting badasses, even though he's technically not living, Arkhan the Black was the best of Nagash's posse, and whether his pulse is beating or not (it's not) he is still alive and kicking. Plus he has a kick-*** chariot.

    In a combat sense, there are plenty of contenders. But anyone who kills Kholek Suneater in CC deserves the crown and undying admiration. Kholek literally is a man-mountain, or is that dragon-ogre-mountain?

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    For the dead I would say Kroak. But at the moment I think:

    Strongest wizard: Lord Mazamundi by far with Teclis being second. According to the fluff first generations slann are practically gods and Mazamundi is the strongest second generation Slann. Banishing Malekith is a strong feet but moving continents is a whole different level.
    Cunning: I would vote for Morathi but this is a close call.
    Alround (melee and magic combined): Malekith or Archaon

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    I'm hoping we'll see some rules for Gilles le Breton - is he closer to Sigmar in power, or closer to the plain Green Knight?
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    He was the founder of a nation, not a demi-god like Sigmar. He'd be more like an incredibly powerful and skilled Templar Grand Master than a demi-god like the new Karl Franz Ascendant rules indicate.

    This thread will also prove very interesting in the coming months. Once all the End Times books are released, I think we might have a clear winner - or at least a good handful of candidates that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Currently, Karl Franz Ascendant and Nagash are easily at the top of the pile rules-wise, though fluff-wise I think Nagash would be the most powerful currently.
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    Indeed at the moment Nagash is most powerful overall. I think Karl Franz Acendant and Malekith Eternity King are on the same level now. But I have a feeling the upcoming End Times books will have super buffed Skaven (maybe Thanqoul turns into Horned Rat?), Orc/Goblin (Grimgor turns into avatar of Gork or Mork or both?), buffed Dwarf hero/king (maybe Gotrek becomes avatar of Grimnir?) and most likley a buffed Archaeon. All of these might be strong contenders for 'deadliest warrior' but we all know Grimgor will win, like he did in SoC

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    I'd say Gotrek is the most powerful from a fluff/ Black Library perspective, his axe has chopped through Greater daemons, dragons, etc.

    But with all the End Times guys going super-saiyan, it's hard to tell if he'd win any fights at all anymore.


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