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    Hey guys new to this forum. I've posted a fair bit over in BnC, and just wanted to see how yall felt about how to deal with the increase in vehicles. I feel that the boost requires our tacticals and other PA units to take Meltabombs. The number of Deep striking Dreads I've seen recently makes me think at least having one or two sgts in the backfield toting would be well worth the points. Any way I'd like to see what yall think.

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    You know what pisses me off? Icarus lascannons can only skyfire now.

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    - Scouts and the scout move to draw fire in early game, if they are ignored I use them to Kill the warlord and advance to the enemy's deployment zone.

    - Landspeeder vengeance speeds a little bit ahead of the scouts, as a way to say, "Shoot me, if you don't, i'll shoot you". Takes fire off of my scouts that are attempting to line-break.

    -3 five man tactical marine squads to rush objectives and put pressure on the enemy player.

    - Two Dreadnoughts near two of the tac-squads at the objectives on the left and right to keep the enemy at bay and provide support fire.

    -A predator on the center objective with the last tac-marine squad to provide support and put pressure on enemy vehicles.

    - A 5 man Dev-squad with flak near the back to provide a retreat point for my marines, and to show the fliers who is boss with that sweet sweet signum.

    - A Ravenwing Attack Squadron to harass enemy units with formidable firepower to keep my vehicles safe.

    - A 10 man deathwing termi squad, taking advantage of their special rule that does not require me to scatter. I place them in the bulk of my enemies forces to again, put pressure on and divert attention from my scoring-units.

    - A cheap company commander for my warlord, that basically hides in the back out of LOS to assure they can't get that victory point.

    - A Mastery LVL 2 librarian, focusing in telekinesis because it is tons-o-fun.

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    starting my deathwing or deathwing/few ravenwing army soon... confused but excited i can paint only a few models to a high standard and not want to kill myself

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    I can't wait to start making my own list and this breakdown has helped. Being new to 40k, I have the Dark Vengeance box and I can't wait to expand it. Deathwing strike force sounds really fun.


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