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    Thumbs up february releases

    Think the dwarves in the beginning of the film are on the right hand side of the white dwarf image of the chaos releases, anybody get better shot or able to work it out?

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    Knights of Rivendell, RRP: £30.00 - Our Price: £23.99
    The highly anticipated Knights of Rivendell are here at last, the perfect addition to your Elven army and can be led be a mounted Elrond into battle! This kit gives you six Knights of Rivendell along with several extra components giving you the options to make a Captain and a Banner Bearer. Also included are two dead Knights of Rivendell, an unhelmeted elf head to mark the Captain and some fantastically sculpted minis all round! We were very happy here with this one, well worth every penny - and we don't say that often.

    Grimhammer Dwarves, RRP: £20.00 - Our Price: £17.99
    These Grimhammer Dwarve models look simply stunning and bring out the real Dwarvishness you see in the film. A real step-up from the standard Dwarven warriors, these heavy plated guards can really take a beating. They are armed with pick hammers and throwing axes with incredibly thick suits of armor. The box contains 12 Dwarves in a variety of poses. Save 10% off RRP with Green Dragon Games.

    Elrond Ft & Mtd Finecast, RRP: £25.00 - Our Price: £21.79
    The much awaited Lord Elrond in all his glory. This finecast clampack comes as both a foot and mounted Elrond, ready and waiting to lead your Elven Knights into battle.

    Yazneg Ft & Mtd Finecast, RRP: £25.00 - Our Price: £21.79
    "A brute Orc who has perfected all the wits and charms that come with that title. Red-eyed and mean as a devil, Yazneg pummels all creatures great and small that have the misfortune to cross his path." Yazneg is a brutish cruel hunter orc who works along side Fimbul he rides a white warg, he wants nothing more than to unleash his cruelty onto Bilbo, as well as Thorin & company.

    Radagast the Brown with Sebastion (Finecast), RRP: £12.00 - Our Price: £10.79
    At long last you can get your hands on Radagast, not only that but his little companion Sebastian has arrived as well! On top of that you can save 10% off RRP with Green Dragon Games.

    Goblin King Throwing Goblin (Finecast), RRP: £25.00 - Our Price: £21.79
    The vile Goblin King will use all manner of improvised weaponry to attack his foes, including his own subjects. This miniature does look like a real joy to paint, in particular the helpless Goblin about to be flung to his demise.
    My Independent Stockist Store:
    10-30% off RRP of Games Workshop, Flames of War & Hobby Supplies.



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