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    Default Mutant Chronicles (R) Warzone Resurrection [Kickstarter is up]

    Date: 15th February 2013

    Dear Mutant Chronicles Warzone Fans.
    Firstly we would like to thank you for all the support and excitement you have shown for ‘Warzone Resurrection’. We are truly blown away by it! We would also like to thank you for your constructive feedback, which has helped us tread the fine line between the old and the new. We are very proud and excited by what has been produced and we hope you are too! After all - you’ve kept the dream alive for the last 20 years.
    So as we promised, today is the day… the big reveal! What does that mean? Well, firstly we are able to present the three factions we have decided to lead with, namely Dark Legion, The Brotherhood and the MegaCorporation Cybertronic. It is also the day we launch the ‘Kickstarter’ project to finance the fourth faction MegaCorporation Bauhaus.

    Our Kickstrater page :

    We understand some people are not keen on the concept of ‘Kickstarter’ and as such wanted to explain a couple of things.
    1. We intend for all products we have developed so far for the first 3 factions to be available in June 2013. The Kickstarter project (its success or failure) will not affect these plans.
    2. We have a stretched goal for ‘Kickstarter’ which will allow us to manufacture the ‘starter boxes’ in plastic. If we do not meet this the starter will be made (like the rest of the initial releases) in high grade resin.
    If you do not wish to support a Kickstarter project, but still want a Warzone Resurrection force (or two), you will be able to pre-order them from our website (, after the Kickstarter, to receive in June. Or you can order them for near-immediate delivery after the release date from the same site.

    We also intend to sell through FLGS. So if you know one that you think should stock Warzone Resurrection, let us know!
    Another key thing is that we have designed a new game system; one that like everything else in Warzone Resurrection is a mixture of old and new. Key to this is the skirmish approach and the D20 of old, but we have also incorporated algorithms from computer game programming (for balance) and card play (to represent environmental, wargear and personnel effects on the battle). But be assured, Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection is still primarily a tabletop 28mm scale miniature skirmish game and a very good, exciting and gripping one at that!

    Kind Regards and Happy Gaming

    Jarek, Mark and Michal (Prodos Games Ltd.)


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    I support this! Can't wait to see more work from Prodos.

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    Sorry to double post - just wanted to show this awesome update from this Kickstarter project.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fb9d93a8ef5f234bcced146ae09e82e4_large.jpg 
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    Image from: Warzone kickstarter (see OP)

    This is a new tank they are working on. It's going to be the size of a Land Raider! It was designed by the team at Small Impact Games, who are also doing a Kickstarter for a pretty sweet looking Mech combat game.

    ( Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a062d850fc91bad41c8a839489d2004d_large.jpg 
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    Image from:

    If you pledge to both projects, Prodos is saying you'll get a nice art print of the Grizzly.
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