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    looking great. I am curious what that old-school land raider with the gigantic cannon is supposed to be. I am sure you said it and I just missed it. Nice work on it though, way to take a great old model and bring it back to life.

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    Very exciting stuff man. I just love the dirty weathering, it goes great with the yellow.
    Blood Angels Army Project

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    They look great! Thanks for keeping us up to date

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    The Contemptor Dreadnought is lovely. I like that alot.

    Really looking forward to seeing those Terminators when they're all done.

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    Looks very gritty, very nice

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    I like how you start really really really dirty and then bring it back up! Nice!

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    Thanks guys!!Im very happy with the weathering and glad you like it.

    Aradielangelfire. That was a siege tank with a turbo laser gun. Ive since sold the model and got rid of the old school landraider..

    I've been a little distracted recently with painting my Flames of War German army. But! This is all about power armour & 30k!

    Your be pleased to hear that I've made a little more process on the Terminators and I've done a little painting on the second tactical squad.

    Look what just arrived!!


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    Holy @#[email protected]#, those are some incredibly well-done minis. I hate yellow minis in general, but yours almost make me want to paint some myself...

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    This is a hell of a lot of excellent progress for 2.5(ish) years. Especially since this is clearly a labor of love.

    Though I think you're overdue for another full group shot.

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    Cheers guys. I think your exactly right Lauby. I shall get a army shot together very soon.

    A little more progress on the Landraider. Its been a ***** to put together!



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