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    Default WFB 9th Edition Rumor Roundup

    via Warseer 3-11-2013

    via 75hastings69
    I was actually discussing with Harry about a month or so ago that next WFB is not till 2015.
    An extra year would allow all armies to get treatment before new edition in 2015.



    WE (?)
    Skaven (?)
    9th edition

    Personally I'd swap WE & Brets around and change Skaven to O&G....... but that's just me

    via NatTreehouse
    9th edition rumors
    Major overhall and not like all the other "major" ones - radical rethink. Ricks gone so other people want to get their hands on it.
    All army books gone and Ravening Hordes replacement
    Timeline moves forward
    So many changes won't come out before 2015, not next year (Memphis got panties in a bunch about this)

    via Harry
    9th will be more than a quick fix.
    I posted months ago to hint as much. I first heard this last year. I have heard it a few times since.
    When I said I thought 'it was 2014 but opinions vary' was because I was hearing different things from different folks.
    When it comes to rumours I almost always go with what hastings says ... as he is almost always right.
    So if his sources are saying 2015 ... then thats probably right.

    As for the 'big changes' stuff ... you may want to hold off on the salt a bit.

    via Marked_by_chaos
    Every now and then I have a look at the job vacancies on the gw site out of interest. Recently the nature of adverts and types of jobs seems to have changed. There was in particular a big explosion of design studio jobs advertised at the end of last month. Seems like they are looking for everything from rules writers to background writers to army painters to video/hobby/painting presenters.

    Perhaps they're starting to a get a bit more professional about design studio recruitment i.e. not a weird in house Recruitment process but an attempt to recruit the most effective staff. Some of the jobs indicate a new direction in project work, particularly the split between a rule writer and background writer role. One can only hope for no more kaldor draigos.
    via Harry 5-17-2013
    .... significant changes to the rules, the timeline and the approach to armybooks.
    In particular the rumors that 9th could see a "full reboot" that invalidates all existing Army Books, and then the entire range of 15+ WFB army books gets shrunk down to a handful (say about 4) "Compendiums" that group similar armies.

    This would have the business effect of shrinking WFB's overall footprint and freeing up Games Workshop development resources, allowing the entire cycle of WFB army compendiums to be updated on a shorter timescale.

    Warseer's Earlybird 6-27-2013

    V9 Army books :

    Ancient Kingdoms : Lizardmen/High Elves/Wood Elves/Dwarves/Tomb Kings
    Servants of Dark Gods : Warriors of Chaos/Daemons of Chaos/Beastmen/Skaven/Dark Elves
    Old Word Denizens : The Empire/Bretonnia/Orcs and Goblins/Ogre Kingdoms/Vampire Counts
    via Faeit - (Tim the Thief) 9-2-2013

    -All Softcover Armybooks will obsolet with the new release.
    -The Starter Box will released at the same time as the Hardback Rulebook
    -The Set will include a Book called "Armies of Warhammer", this Book will handle simplified Armylists for ALL avaitable Armies.
    -Armies of Warhammer will give Player a little view of all Armies and they Units, also it will be a transitional solution for the obsolet
    -Armies of Warhammer will be a part in the Hardback Rulebook
    -The Rulebook in the Set will be a simplified "Starter Rulebook"
    -A smaller complete Hardback Rulebook will released too, called "Warhammer - The Rules"

    -The ruleset will chance again, GW has recognized the last Edition was an hard inpact for sells of Warhammer products
    -The number of special rules will reduced
    -There will be no releases of Fantasy Suppliments, the books will contain more background. Page numbers up to 150 pages are possible!

    Via "Tim the Thief" 10-12-2014
    -Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition & new Starterset next Year
    -Starterset becomes "Expansion set" & Mailorder Only special Edition
    -Orks & Goblins first 9th editon Armybook

    Starter Set of the 9th Edition Warhammer with following content
    -simplified Starter Rulebook

    -"Armies of Warhammer", simplified Armylists for all
    -Orks and Goblins Army
    --Ork Warboss
    --New Goblinwarriors
    --Ork Warriors

    -Empire Army
    --Captain of the Empire
    --New Spearmen (new Design)
    --New Musketeers (new Design)
    --New Knights (new Design)

    The Set becomes an Expansion with Magic as subject
    -Small Booklet with Magic Rules
    -Additional Models for Mages and two Regiments
    via BoLS 10-22-2013

    Attachment 5344
    Triumph & Treachery
    -It has been designed with 9th edition (next summer) in mind.
    -Many new rule mechanics are already included in the 9th edition ruleset.
    -The main emphasis of the book, multiple players (more than 2) will work with 9th Ed.

    -Storm of Magic by contrast will have a harder time being shoe-horned into 9th.
    -All army books after Dark Elves are being tested under both 8th and 9th rulesets for a seamless integration with 9th. Earlier books will need various amounts of errata to integrate.
    via Harry regarding 9th 1-14-2014:

    I am not saying Yes or No ... I am saying "I don't know".
    All I know is they started into a 'ground up' re-write a couple of years ago.
    Nothing was sacred. Not the timeline. Not the stat line. They started with a fresh page.
    Anything could have changed ... Everything could have changed.
    I have heard ... a few things since ... but not enough to say with any certainty what 9th edition will be.
    via Tim the Thief 2-3-2014
    9th Edition Rules
    -Elves roll 3W6 to determine an attack, dwarf roll 1W6
    -Movement will be simplified
    -Armor saves will change, shield give a special save
    -Skirmishers return to the rules from the 7th
    -2.500p will be the new standard Size for Battles
    -Rules for special dangerous Terrain will be dropped
    via Faeit 3-2-2014

    Regarding the timeline of WFB 9th:

    No definite time for this but warhammer fantasy is moving on. By a significant length of time. Significant.

    Armies aren't so much being 'squatted' though actually it's quite fitting as the influence of chaos grows and disrupts things, so survivors must band together in a whole new dangerous world
    via Kensei Dono 4-7-2014
    Wood elves are from I've been told may. New edition is June/July and the entire history of Fantasy is moving forwards. Sigmar's Blood was just the tip of the iceberg because that is new events in Fantasy.
    Latest 9th Edition Rumors by Father Gabe 9-3-2014

    Just got some news from several sources concerning the strong possibility of 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

    1) Coming tomorrow to a GW near you will be a series of new posters for in store advertisement for something BIG as the corporate email stated.
    2) Some GW stores are finding Island of Blood sets are being zeroed out of their system for restock. Similar when Dark Vengeance happened to Assault on Black Reach.
    3) This part is speculation: Bretonnians are going to be playing a big part in the Nagash saga in the beginning, it is believed the following is going to happen:

    a) Pre-Order for 9th Edition will be Sept 13th (with special editions - standard new edition merchandising)
    b) October will receive the new box edition (if standard releases from past is an indicator) which may contain Bretonnians and Undead.
    c) Bretonnians will have a new Army book, model release following that, possibly into November before the Christmas packs roll in.
    d) intermingled among these releases will be probably some filler models (repackaged Crom/Valten/etc.), army bundles, etc.

    4) Not of speculation, though it must be considered rumor, I (and a few chosen) have personally seen new artwork by John Blanche for Bretonnians. Does this mean it will be in the new book? No idea, but sometimes his stuff is used for the sculptors to pull concept to model.

    Or we could be really blindsided by everything and it be 25 new paints (not very likely), Dark Eldar (possible) or something ridiculous like a mass Hobbit release. GW likes to have a strong second quarter launch that will help carry through 3rd quarter (end of February).
    via Tozudos a Dieces 9-4-2014

    Regarding rumors of 9th Edition:

    Original Spanish:
    Junto a esto, Maelström en MB nos ha añadido algunas cosas:

    a 16 días, puedo aseguraros que hay algo de Fantasy gordo para el 20th de Septiembre.

    Algunos dirán, nueva edición.... yo digo no. Va a ser relacionado con el "Aniversario- Fin de los Tiempos"
    Algunos dirán, minuaturas grandes o cajas chulas de personajes y ediciones limitadas.... yo digo es posible.
    Algunos dirán, "caja de inicio del fin de warhammer (menuda contradicción jajaja)... con dos o más ejercitos enfrentados... Yo digo muy posible.
    Algunos dirán que viene Bretonia... yo creo que viene algo pero lo gordo en 2015.

    Un saludo y preparad las billeteras (los que aún tengais algo).
    Translated English:
    Alongside this, in MB Maelström we added a few things:

    in 16 days , I can assure you that there is something big fantasy for September 20th .

    Some will say , new edition .... I say no. It will be linked to the " End Times Anniversary- "
    Some will say , big or cool boxes minuaturas characters and limited editions .... I say you can.
    Some will say , "box to start warhammer (what a contradiction lol ) ... with two or more opposing armies ... I say very possible.
    Some say it comes Bretonnia ... I think something is fat but in 2015 .

    Greetings and prepare the wallets (if you still have anything left).
    Harry's BACK from the wilderness!

    You may remember last year I was being very vague about some 'radical changes' in a thread about 9th edition.

    Back at the start of the year, in one of my first posts of the new year I said this:

    I don't think they are trying to destroy it.
    I suspect they will be trying their hardest to breath new life into it.
    We are not seeing the "End times" for Warhammer just yet.

    Did you see what I did there?
    The clues are always there fellas.

    So I first heard about all this last autumn?
    I was told 2014 would be "Year zero" for Warhammer.

    Had no idea what that meant at first but if you Google your way to the wikipedia you get this:

    The term Year Zero (Khmer: ឆ្នាំសូន្យ chhnam saun), applied to the takeover of Cambodia in April 1975 by the Khmer Rouge, is an analogy to the Year One of the French Revolutionary Calendar. During the French Revolution, after the abolition of the French monarchy (September 20, 1792), the National Convention instituted a new calendar and declared the beginning of the Year I. The Khmer Rouge takeover of Phnom Penh was rapidly followed by a series of drastic revolutionary de-industrialization policies resulting in a death toll that vastly exceeded that of the French Reign of Terror.

    The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up.

    It was made clear to me that this was what we were talking about for warhammer.
    Everything that existed being completely destroyed (or discarded) and something new replacing it from scratch ... purged and replaced from the ground up.

    I hinted in various posts that they would be getting rid of the existing timeline, the existing map, etc. (In an effort to soften the blow. )

    I am going to get this a bit wrong because I honestly can't remember where I heard it but to confirm the three book rumour .... I did hear the "End times" were going to be spread over three books.

    Nagash was the first, followed by Malekith followed by Glotkin

    Good luck with that!

    ...You have to ask yourself .... What will remain of the world as we know it when it has been ravaged in turn by the Undead, the Dark Elves, Skaven and Chaos?

    ...Whatever 9th is it will be set in the grimmest, darkest post apocalyptic Warhammer fantasy world yet.

    You think I haven't had all the same thoughts being voiced on here?

    I can't see them throwing out everything they have done either ... but the only way to own the IP is to loose all the generic Fantasy that other companies can copy ... normal Dwarves, Elves and sure as heck you have to get rid of the historical based human armies ... or you can go build an Empire or Bretonnian army from anyone's miniatures.
    I can't see them getting rid of any armies either ... but they can not continue to support all of them so some of them have to go or some get mashed together.
    I can't see them wanting to reduce the number of minis you need .... but if it costs too much to complete an army people don't even start an army is it better to sell some minis for a scaled down game or no minis? Is it better to ramp up the Lords and monsters allowance and keep on selling the big kits so an army is 'more tanks and less infantry' and thus less minis and easier to paint .... or sell no minis.
    Simple fact is so many people have so many armies now unless they do something drastic with the look of the armies no-one is buying enough minis. The only way to force folks to buy new stuff is if we cannot use our current stuff. Some folks may refuse to buy the new stuff on principal ..... what do they care? They were not buying the stuff anyway as they already had their army. Imagine how badly Fantasy must be selling compared to 40K if anyone even thought about knocking it on the head for even a moment .... they must be thinking .... it can't make things any worse!!! What have we got to loose??? But if they are doing this why even bother completing 8th edition? Why do all the books?

    I have been around and around with this in my head ..... the only thing that makes any sense to me at the end of the day is that 8th edition is complete enough and robust enough to endure a bit longer and 9th edition will not be a complete new edition of the rules .... but an alternative background and rules with which to play post End times battles but you still need the core rules to play A bit like all the stuff in Strom of Magic was an add on to the existing rules. The core rules and books will still exist for those that want to remain stuck in the timeline but if you want to be down with the cool kids you really need to buy the new post End Times stuff.
    Let's bring the WFB 9th rumors back full circle:

    I've been doing some heavy rumormongering and data collection and wanted everyone to go back and carefully read this snippet from Harry from way back in January 2014. Now keep in mind all the stuff we have recently had released (End Times) when you read this.

    Color me VERY intriuged...

    via Harry 1-15-2014

    The only reason we are expecting a new edition of Warhammer fantasy Battle is because that is what we have had every few years.

    BUT I remember having a conversation with Jervis and Gav .... so this is gong back a few years ... where they stated that they wanted to get Warhammer to the point that it did not need updating/re-writing and they wanted to get all the army books completed in such a way that they were robust enough to survive changes to the rules so they did not need to keep re-writing them. The reason for doing this was to allow them to look at more interesting things to develop aspects of Warhammer they did not have time to do. We discussed the obvious things like Skirmish, Siege, but also fighting on boats, in tunnels/underground, exploring new areas of the map, etc.

    Alright this was a few editions and many years ago but what if? What if they feel they have reached that point with 8th. Where a new edition isn't going to change very much. Where every army has a book. What if they decide NOT to do a new edition but stick with Warhammer 8th as it is ... consider this the finished product for a while. .... What would they explore next?

    We already have "Storm of Magic" for 'Big magic, Big Monster' games.

    Maybe they would look next at Skirmish? (Autumn Leaves seems convinced).

    So no new BRB ... as rumoured. But a new starter set ... as rumoured.
    Not needing full army books but where all the armies could be combined in less books ... as rumoured. Would certainly be the way to present warband options.


    I was still left with some of the other stuff I had heard about the timeline advancing and multiple books. (Will it be two, three or four books?)
    A recent conversation prompted a new line of thought ....
    and started to make a different kind of sense to me.

    What if this was nothing to to with the next edition .... but a "what would they explore next?"
    What if they decided to explore different area of the world or different periods of history? Source books for playing warhammer in different times and places.
    Same game ... same rules set just changing the setting a bit ... bit like the Lustria stuff.

    An excuse to explore some new special rules, introduce some new characters, new monsters, exploring some undiscovered corner of the world or some undescribed period of history ... currently little more than a dot on the map or a story in an army book. A chance to undertake some new modelling projects, sculpt some new minis.
    One book might be 500 years ahead, one 500 years the past (or exploring some key point in recent history). One might be based in an area of the world which has not been detailed yet. (Like the Lustrian stuff).

    This started to make some sort of sense to me ... but it was late at night.

    What if? What if you a games Developer for Warhammer fantasy? What if you were told you didn't need to write an new edition or rewrite an army book? Where would you go next? What aspect of Warhammer would you like to explore?

    Pretty sure I would start with skirmish as I love small games but after that ....
    WFB 9th Edition Latest

    via Steve the Warboss 11-24-2014

    9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

    -One Profile for Mounted Units (like End Times units).
    -End Times was full designed for the new Edition, the Books will be 100% compatible.
    -No new Armybook releases until the New Edition is released.
    -Empire in the starter set, the opposing army is undetermined.
    WFB 9th Edition Latest

    via Steve the Warboss 11-25-2014

    -The Work on the Rules has already completed
    -Endtimes will maybe not mentioned in the Rulebook
    -The Design Studio seems working on Siege Rules for an Expansion
    -The Starter Set will return to "step by step" introduction
    -No allied Matrix like 40k, we become something like "factions"
    -GW plans the release for May, Starter will come in June
    via Steve the Warboss 11-28-2014

    Warhammer Endtimes/9th Edition Latest
    -Endtimes will become more than 4 Book
    -The last Books will maybe released after the 9th Edition
    -Empire will be the first Armybook of the new edition
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    I don't buy it. Ditching all the army books, but holding release off until they've all been done? Seems counter productive to me.
    Ronnie Soak.

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    Yeah, I'm going into toxic shock from all the salt that comes with those rumours. Even if it is being worked on at the mo, there won't be anything concrete to speculate about. I don't get why hastings is suggesting O&G instead of Skaven; O&G already have an 8th edition book, Skaven are still on 7th ed. Not to mention WE wont get done in 8th.
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    Whether the 2015 date is right or not, I would like it if every army was covered before the ruleset is updated again. And yeah Orcs & Goblins have already been done this edition, they were the first to be done even, and there are many armies that are (or should be) ahead of them in the queue to get a new book. Considering how much errata there is for the Skaven book I wouldn't be surprised if they were sooner than listed.
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    Not to mention the fact it is unstoppable in low points games. Still, I don't think it will get done until late on; they are a good selling range which is pretty much all plastic and they have a very competitive book. No real need to do them before the end of the cycle. I've also just notice that hastings' rumour about getting all the armies done doesn't include Beastmen, so I think it is safe to assume that Beastmen are going the way of SoB.
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    As others have mentioned I find it weird that GW would worry about producing an Army Book for every army in 8th edition only to release 9th edition and say, "All previous Army Books are invalidated". They've certainly done strange things in the past but that would top the cake if true.

    Skaven really just need a newly printed book that incorporates all the existing errata. It drives me nuts that probably half the rules section of the book is either ignored, replaced, or otherwise altered.

    I also wouldn't be too quick to say Beastmen are going the way of SoB. While they certainly have a weak book, they are still playable (unlike a certain other army) and have several strong points within the book. They received the last 7th edition book so as far as timelines go, they are probably not a pressing concern.

    O&G replacing Skaven in the timeline would be weird... the O&G book is fine, a bit bland, but a solid effort that still performs very well and that also brings the army to the 8th edition baseline. If that part were true the only two armies that wouldn't be at the 8th edition baseline would Skaven and Beastmen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronowraith View Post
    Skaven really just need a newly printed book that incorporates all the existing errata. It drives me nuts that probably half the rules section of the book is either ignored, replaced, or otherwise altered.
    Not to mention very unclear rules galore. I definitely think the book could do with a good dose of cleanup and fixing some of the weak units. I don't think they need a big rewrite, in fact I would be very sad if they removed the flavour of Skaven (horde, cheap slaves, wacky rules (just make them clear!)) instead of adding more.

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    I believe what Harry and Hastings say, so 9th in 2015 and more than just tweaking 8th. Until they say something abotu dropping all army books and a Ravening Hordes type set up then I'm burying that under a mountain of salt.
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    Not sure it can be all that radical. Perhaps new flier rules, that could be fun. And something done to Cavalry. Perhaps some kind of 'breakthrough' rule for combat res.
    Ronnie Soak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronowraith View Post

    I also wouldn't be too quick to say Beastmen are going the way of SoB. While they certainly have a weak book, they are still playable (unlike a certain other army) and have several strong points within the book. They received the last 7th edition book so as far as timelines go, they are probably not a pressing
    Sorry, I was trying to be humorous. I don't thnk they are for the chop, just pointing out the flaw in claiming all books will be done and then missing one of the armies from the list. Makes rumours harder to believe when they contradict themselves.
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