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    No replies? Haha I must have done something wrong/right lol.
    Anyway, the Exalted Gifts section is still on hiatus. Just an FYI
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    Excellent and super thorough tactical review. I certainly can always use other ideas of how to use my various units, many of which I just don't try out for lack of apparent uses.

    I will say Skarbrand troubles me for lack of speed. I'd love to use him but I think he'd just get shot away before reaching combat, unless Blessed and Grimoired successfully by my expensive 190 point Nurgle Herald. Of course once he reached combat, yes, he would absolutely dominate and eviscerate, except for a Swarmlord... without Eternal Warrior, the Swarmlord would most likely win the combat before Skarbrand strikes, as the Tyrant Guard marching with the Swarmlord typically have Lash Whips (of course if they don't then we'd have a big dead bug).

    And Epidemius is pretty much worthless now. I feel they nerfed the really ridiculous Daemons units way too much. They just needed a softening, not a complete melting. Guess I should have sold him when the selling was good, though he can still be a nice Palanquin Herald.

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    I think Skarbrand has to be deep-struck off of fast units, much like our melee Troops, so that he doesn't get shot up whilst walking up the board. Taking him means you also lose out on a flying monstrous creature, but generating Hatred and Rage for our already super melee units is pretty crazy. I think he needs to be used in an army list where there are a lot of other threats for your opponent - i.e. a trio of flying monstrous creatures - otherwise he probably will die pretty quickly. As for the Swarmlord thing, if Swarmy doesn't have Iron Arm, it is definitely toast. I'm actually not sure about the challenge rules and how they interact with Initiative modifiers such as Lash Whips or Whip Coils - is the challenge issued before the Initiative penalty is inflicted? I actually don't know the answer to this one - if challengers are resolved after the Initiative penalties are inflicted, then I agree, the Swarmlord wins hands down. Of course, the Swarmlord and his Tyrant Guard are almost twice as expensive as Skarbrand

    I think Epidemius is.....ok. But taking him means you need to bunch up your units which leaves our already fragile units even more vulnerable to blast weapons. In that sense, if you know you aren't coming up against such weapons, go for your life. Given that every army has them though, Epidemius is pretty situational. Stock standard Nurgle Heralds with the Feel No Pain Locus are I think a much better, cheaper bet for buffing our Plaguebearers and so on. I don't think they nerfed Screamers too much though, to be honest. They are still very good, they just aren't "I win" units anymore.
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    I have this thread booked marked on my iPhone and am slowly digesting it all, my nurgle stuff is on order and I resisted the Tau. What I would be interested in would be your take on Allies. Chaos marines are obvious but I'm thinking traitor guard would be fun to model and paint too. Tactics wise I think guard could fill a hole with some flyers etc.

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    Yeah, Traitor Guard are fun Allies for Daemons! I would probably emphasize the speed in the Daemons then, and for the Guard use a Vendetta and Manticore or Medusa or maybe even a cheap old squadron of Colossus tanks, or are those Griffons? Always forget. Marbo's fun too, a custom possessed Marbo would be good modeling fun!

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    How has everyone's Daemons been doing? I think they are a good army personally but I've had little time to back my thoughts with hard evidence.
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    I have only tested my Chaos Daemons twice so far. Here are my findings:

    Bloodthirster is an excellent face smasher unit. I've had it destroy 1/3 of an enemy armies points in one game. Makes an excellent warlord and is pretty damn tough to take down with a couple of greater rewards slapped on.

    Keeper of Secrets is ok with invisibility, and despite being quick thanks to Slaanesh, still can linger about getting into close combat. I don't hate it, but the KoS is a bit meh and anything with wings is just better IMO.

    Herald of Tzeentch is good with the locus of conjuration, though I am still not sold. The HoT gets more value in a super Pink Blob, but if they get denied or fail psychic test etc that's a lot of points up the swanny. In smaller units the HoT gets less use (I used prescience btw) due to the amount of shots. It's a double edged sword either way.

    Pink Horrors are ok for fire support, not ace but not poo. The warpflame thing isn't too bad as it gives 6+ feel no pain to start off with. You do have to pick your targets better if they have fnp already.

    Plaguebearers are brilliant at objective holding but that's all they do. They are no longer a as good tarpit unit any more and when camping they do not contribute. I think I will replace them with Horrors who can get cover as well nearly just as good, especially if they go to ground in area terrain such as rubble and debris etc.

    Flesh Hounds are tough cookies. Not mega brilliant in assault, but they do their job well enough so the enemy units die in their own turn which lets the Hounds assault in their own turn. The 2 wounds really gives them some survivability.

    Daemon Princes of Slaanesh with the lash of despair make good anti air. They can tackle infantry pretty easily and if the coast is clear they can drop out the sky and smash face in assault before a good whipping - warhammer 40,000 tactica and hobby blog

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    Flesh Hounds definitely need a Jugger Herald to ride with them, or at least Karanak. Typically I have my super duper Palanquin Nurgle Herald sit behind the Hound unit Grimoiring them, and if possible, Endurance as well. That makes them issue #1 for most enemies, and it takes at least 3 turns to deal with them somehow.

    Bloodthirster is still my favorite MC HQ, though a tricked out GUO is very cool indeed (good with Grimoire too if no uber-PlagueHerald). The Lord of Change with a staff and 3 Divination powers and 2 Greater Rewards too is also excellent, though I've only had 1 game with him, so not much data there...only 5 points more than full blown Thirster.

    The Tzeentch Herald can fire his shots separately from his Horror unit, though he must target the same enemy unit of course. So that's 2 chances to not get Denied the Witch. Plus the Herald's shots could be Precision shots, don't forget that tidbit.

    Slaanesh DP is pretty good, better than a Keeper I think (gotta have some wings!). But taking up an HQ spot for either of them is iffy for me. I'd rather have my Nurgle Herald on an Icarus Lascannon, seems like he lasts longer for the same points, though the DP is probably a bit better at nailing flyers, but I don't think that much better. Need 2s to hit on Skyfire, average of 7 shots, so average of 5-6 hits, against rear AV10, 2-3 glances, with Evasion saves probably 1 to 2 glances. I'd rather have a better chance of a penetrating hit with my cool custom Icarus Lascannon.

    One thing people seem to not use on Plaguebearers is Touch of Rust. They can actually glance a vehicle to death pretty nicely. I had my usual 14 strong unit (with Herald) behind the Aegis Defense Line. A Death Company Dreadnought charged me, had to go through the wall (through cover) and therefore strikes at I1 for lack of assault grenades. So my Herald at I4 and Plaguers at I2 got to attack it and glanced it to death before it could strike. At long last I had some vengeance upon the cursed BA Dread Talon crap; AWESOME! My opponent was very sad about that.

    But lesson learned, Plaguebearers can be plopped close to a Landraider, and if not dealt with, they can glance it away. And if you have some Beasts of Nurgle closeby, or even just deepstruck next to them off their Icon, and the Terminators inside decide to get revenge by assaulting said Plaguebearers, then the Beasts get to assault the Terminators in the enemy turn right after they came in my turn. DOUBLE AWESOME! Those Beasts are such attention getters

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    So, something I noticed re: Heralds as allies, pg 94 of the new Daemons book has an interestingly worded rule. "Each primary detachment in your army may include..." (and then talks about what heralds and how many may be included).

    From the wording of the afore quoted rule, even if my primary detachment is not Daemons (say im using IG or CSM w/ Daemon allies), they can still take heralds as an HQ choice from the primary detachment.

    It is also worth noting that Daemons chars can join units w/out the instability rule, even though it doesn't work the other way around.


    Learn2Eel, great write up, thanks for taking the time to put it together!
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    Really like this thread. The bump is needed so the great work will be easly riched.
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