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    I think its Red Fury by James Swallow which is the one that centres on the cloning, it's the 3rd novel in the series.

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    Some of the traitors nicked Horus's body after the retreat from the palace, and cloned it - the newly named Black Legion captured it back and destroyed it. So must be possible.

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    Duplicating a space marine is totally possible, just not a simple matter of taking a single DNA sample and running with it. If you donate your kidney to me and want to duplicate me, foreign kidney and all, you can do that. Just clone me, clone the kidney, and them do a transplant ("just," he says). You could do the same thing with a space marine - clone the person and then re-implant them, either with cloned zygotes or a fresh set from the same geneseed.

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    the cloning of horus was only a tiny mention in 2nd ed codex though if i remember right. (i dont actually think it has been mentioned since, hence my initial 'lost in aftermath of heresy')
    and it lead on to what has been clarified in the HH books, that abbaddon, aximand and the other 'sons of horus' were supposed clones of horus while alive, down to their physical similarities.

    if the cloning of the GS zygotes was possible, it would need to be the oldest and least mutated samples..... locked in the vaults on terra.

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    I don't see why you'd need to clone zygotes though. If there is anything exceptional in a space marine's DNA, it's in his homo sapiens DNA - not in the DNA of the transplanted organs that he shares with millions of battle brothers throughout history.

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    it is the zygotes that add the chapters own 'traits'.
    the biologists in ravens flight pull apart the DNA used for all of the legions, finding the canis helix and the other less well known sources for the other primarchs and some that were not used at all ;P

    it is the primarch DNA that was used to create the zygotes, and the improper cloning method used that causes the mutations in the latter generations especially with the more divergent sources (like the space lycanthropes, vampritic angels and the arthriticmarines..... oh no those last ones are just boring ), not unlike the rather barbaric practice used in human vaccines (google MRC5 and WI 38, its quite shameful).

    the geneseed is only a replication method, the zygotes while triggered by the geneseed (and blood in BA case) are still the unique aspect of each chapter/legion.
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    Yes, they are, but if I wanted to clone a specific space marine I would not care about the specific code of that space marine's particular zygotes. That makes him an Ultramarine, a Son of Horus, a Space Wolf. What makes the particular specific hero I want to clone is what his mommy and daddy gave him. If you want to clone Abaddon, say, you'll do much better to take his homo sapiens DNA, clone that, and add a set of Luna Wolves zygotes than to clone Abaddon's specific zygotes. You could do both, but I think as long as you have Abaddon's human sequence and any set of Luna Wolves zygotes of the right vintage, you have everything you need to make an "Abaddon clone." If all you have is a set of Luna Wolves zygotes - even clones of the ones Abaddon is implanted with - then you only have the makings of a Luna Wolf.

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    ah, now i get ya got carried away on the whole cloning possibility and steps needed, rather than the specifics of the actual marine at an individual level

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    Funny thing on this subject: Corax had succeeded in producing at least a hundred non-corrupted (let's call them) "super Astartes" that he called Raptors. They were stronger, faster, and more agile than normal Astartes -- something closer to what a Custodian must be like in my opinion. Anyway, the reason I bring up that first point is that each Raptor has two gene-seeds inside him and it would have been possible to harvest their gene seed and restart the process all over again to produce more non-corrupted Raptors. However, the story plot had it being that Corax was too horrified by what happened to the corrupted Raptors that he forbade from continued research.

    A lot of rumors and fluff around Captain Shrike (Raven Guard special character in the current codex) have him being the inheritor of the non-corrupted Raptor gene-seed. I think that that is personally pretty awesome, and reflects why he should be more powerful than your average Space Marine and is a captain to begin with.


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