this is my first attempt at a pure raven wing army list so please take into consideration that I am a novice. I decided to go with some nice 6 man attack squadrons, I am not fully taking advantage of the relentless special rule, because my attack squadrons are only equipped with melta weapons. I plan to use the scout special rule to take advantage of any weaknesses in the enemy line or flanks. My sergeant is equipped with a lightning claw and melta bombs. To add protection to my advancing bikes I have added 2 darkshrouds, upon doing my research people have suggested that the darkshroud loses value when taken in multiples. I find this is untrue, If I want to split my forces to take advantage of my opponents miscalculations, then the option is available for me to do so. Now the real controversial piece of my list is the addition of 2 landspeeder vengeance, this unit is the ultimate glass cannon, but with the strategy I will employ the speeders should make a mess of things. I plan to start my 2 landspeeder vengeance in reserves, followed by deepstriking them where they are most needed. Considering that mostly every unit on the board has a teleport homer my risk is minimal. This will keep them away from unnecessary shooting and ensure that my opponents transports will be opened allowing me to feast on his infantry. I have thrown in a 5 man command squad with a ravenwing banner and a apothecary to add more punch to my ground units, and to ensure my attack squadrons will pass their hit and run tests. Leading the for will be sammael of course.

Sammael on corvex:200
command squad w/apothecary/ravenwing banner/grenade launcher/:245
4x6 attack squadrons w/2 meltaguns/meltabombs/lightning claws/attack bike/multi melta/:916
2 Darkshrouds:160
2 Landspeeder vengeance w/assault cannon/:320

Another option available to me is to take out the landspeeder vengeance, and replace them with 2 venerable dreadnoughts in drop pod, either way I look forawrd to putting together this list and painting some models, please give me your feedback, and all help is greatly appreciated.