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    Default Bloodtide - khorne daemons

    New army, khorne daemons with lots of monstrous creatures


    Lots of bits went into this one, I've bought an entire army of conversion parts for him which will all get re-used later on other models.

    Tried to get it closer to the art with a flatter face , double horms, single bladed axes, lots of hair etc.

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    Throne of skulls daemon prince - 100 skulls

    prototypes for khorne hounds and bloodcrushers - WIP

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    Skaarbrand is amazing, excellent work!

    I'm not 100% sold on the Bloodcrusher, mostly the rider's pose.

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    Every time you start something new you absolutly blow me away. Incredible work
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    Skarbrand doesn't have any wings, other than that nice conversions.
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    Oooo, liking these Monstrous Creatures, and the Hound's looking good too. What does the Pistol on the 'crusher represent, tho?
    Quote Originally Posted by RGilbert26 View Post
    Skarbrand doesn't have any wings, other than that nice conversions.
    Not rules-wise, but the fluff mentions that he has torn, useless wings which were broken when Khorne exiled him, so the model's appropriate.

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    Yes, the wings are supposed to be torn and atrophied so the skinny zombie dragon ones worked quite well.

    I'm not committed on the bloodcrusher riders yet but want to use those DV chosen models somewhere. I'm also thinking of doing Angron as skulltaker on juggernaut so want a squad to go with him.

    The plasma pistol will either be replaced or represent the champion's AP2 weapon

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    You Sir are a relentless hobby machine! How are the rest of us supposed to keep up when you are churning out all these armies so quick.

    I wouldn't mind so much if they were a bit poo, but each model has tons of detail and modelling, nothing seems to be completely stock, even if it's a fancy base!

    No doubt they'll all be painted by the weekend so you can play in a Tournament at Warhammer World!
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    how much to get you to make me the one on the throne? (I'm being fairly serious here (as much as a suger/oil hypo man can be over one epic model)

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    Really great work. All of them are coming out great, with Skarbrand being a spectacular centerpiece. What is the Khornate symbol that makes the backing of the throne from? I don't think I've seen it before.


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