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    with variable turn rules, that is surely impossibly risky on turn 5, still randomly chancy on turn 6, and keeping them off till turn 7 a complete waste of points ?,,, 'gamblers anonymous' ...

    and think their PL should be renamed crying in the wind ! [like tears in the rain]
    Tournaments are timed and usually stop at turn 5 whic wouldn't realy be an issue.

    At turns 6 and 7 it really hurts most eldar armies any way. Turn 5 is the contest and snag objectives at the last second. Going to turn 6 and especally turn 7 hurts eldar a lot any way.

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    Again i agree with Chicop.

    Eldar lack the toughness to really survive prolonged battles. Either they destroy their opponent early in the game, or they hope for the game to end on turn five and move all their fast units into position.

    In terms of competitive play, the Eldar actually have I believe the most late game objective grabbers/contesters. With all their jetbikes, swooping hawks, and the remnant of glory with the wings that lets you super run, they can quite possibly contest every one of the opponents objectives on that last turn with ease.

    And the hawks get their points throughout the game by deep striking in and jumping back up throughout the game. And with them it is not at all about killing as many points to match their cost. Their value comes in terms of being pure annoyance. If you deep strike in and hit a flank, and the opponent moves to intercept, you jump back up and you've now gotten the opponent out of position. If they ignore them, you continue harrassing their units or pop a tank on the flank. plus, the value in contesting an objective last turn and quite possibly single handedly winning the game is priceless


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