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Thread: chibiPrims WIP

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    Default chibiPrims WIP

    Hello everyone!

    I am glad to inform you that we are sculpting ChibiPrimS - new grotesque miniatures in chibi style, inspired by WH40K universe.
    Let me show you the first few sketches that is sculpt in progress right now.
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    Couple of points matey....

    1. Thread will likely be moved.

    2. Enjoy your c&d.....
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    other than that I actually like them

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    Yeah I like them. Lots of fun. The painting on the Russ is superb too. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

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    They look cute
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    Ha ha I really like these and hope that you market them in such a way that you don't you end up getting a C and D.

    So far the names are clever enough to get away with it so you just have to be careful on some of the armour details, especially on "Rob".

    But as a massive Ultramarines fanboi I will have to get a Rob, what scale are they (guessing 28mm?) ?

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    32-35 mm. depending on pose. I understand about Rob. No matches will be found.


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