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    Default Death Guard army pricing advice - am I kidding myself on?

    Hey gang, as the title says, I'm after a little advice regarding a Death Guard army I have here on eBay just now. I've listed it a few times now, and despite having a good amount of views and a handful of watchers each time, I've yet to see a sale.

    I originally priced the army at £300, which I've revised down to £250. I honestly think that's a fair asking price, given the fact that the army uses both the regular and Terminator Death Guard upgrade kits for Forge World, alongside several OOP models from 2nd Edition.

    You can see the full album for the army here, and I have a plog for the whole thing over on Warseer here.

    Please, be brutally honest - if you think I'm kidding myself on, or if the army simply isn't worth what I'm asking, or if (hopefully) I've just been unlucky, please let me know.

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    Nothing? Not even the obligatory, "lol I'll buy it for fifty quid?"

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    i think it is hard to sell an army like that because you would have to find a buyer that wants exactly this sort of army, the models, the conversions, the paint job etc. IMO people that buy complete and painted armies would want to buy either one painted and designed to their specs or one that is the latest WAAC tourney killing machine, those that put together an army like yours do it for the fluff side and rather do it themselves.



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