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    Default Angel Exterminatus (Graham McNeill)

    I'm only up to page 25, but already I am completely engrossed in the book, thanks to the inclusion of pretty much every major Iron Warriors character from the Ultramarines Omnibus and the Iron Warriors Omnibus. It is very cool to read about them in the original heresy setting (pre-warp exposure).
    I especially like the reference to Warsmith Dantioch (the only warsmith to refuse Perturabo's orders to join against the Emperor).
    However, I feel as if I have a read a short story on the Angel Exterminatus somewhere before, something to do with a device called a 'pylon' that was secreted away on a Mechanicus forge asteroid, that the Iron Warriors went to go steal. Any thoughts on that?

    But I digress. The novel itself is fantastic so far.

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    Thumbs up

    Completly agree with you. I'm currently on page 295. Plenty of charectors some lil'tidbits into the early years of the Primarchs. This book has been a good read.
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    I'm struggling with it to be honest. I keep picking it up between other books but its not a page turner for me.
    Maybe I will start again and persevere and read it in a less disjointed fashion.

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    @Deadlift: I think what was a huge factor for me was that I had already the two ultramarine's omnibus (omnibi?) AND the Iron Warriors omnibus. So I already had a tremendous foundation for most of the Iron Warriors characters.

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    I think it's one of the better HH books. It does a better job of fleshing out and humanizing Perturabo than many of the other Primarchs have benefited from - and that's saying something, particularly for such a "cold" character as the Lord of Iron. I also like the inclusion of many of the 41st millenium Iron Warriors characters, which is generally avoided by most of the HH authors.

    *Spoiler Alert*

    My only real complain is that pretty much all of the named EC characters (EXCEPT for the 40K tabletop ICs like Lucius and Fabius) have been killed off. Every time I name my EC Chaos Lord Abranxe or Ruen or Vairosean, they get snuffed and it's back to the drawing board.

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    My only warning is to not read the book while drinking.

    Reading any book about slaanesh and drinking at the same time can lead to thoughts of excess.

    I like the book, I found the end a bit disjointed and may go reread that part.

    *Spoiler Alert*

    I think some of the aliens appeared to early in the 40k timeline, also, I think the book setting should have been after horus gets to earth.
    Also how did Fabius make it from the sick bay on one ship to the sick bay on the other ship?
    (Yhea I know i my verbage is off leaving it vague on purpose.)

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    AE is - overall a good read and an important book in the HH. I agree with the mention of the ec chars above and I add, that thera a a bit too much IW chars on the szene. The bad parts of the book a minor issues, but they are many of them.

    Attention please here a spoilers:

    The IH in the book are a annoying and boring part, and the dark eldar are only border-figures. For the theme and place of the book, i would like it more better if the eldar were making disturbing raids aginst the legions.

    Eidolon. Big dislike here. Why kill him in "the primarchs" only to bring him back here, with his head stiched on? This is pointless imo. Why kill half the EC by other EC just to wake the guardians? Is McNeil kidding us?

    The escape scanario early in the book - its hillarious? Killer-Needle-Rifel, preciese on the run ..., time to place a houndred (or more) explosives in an area where two legions an auxilary forces a lingering around, über-stealth storm eagle ... oh my
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    Hey, can any of you guys point in the direction of the short story that features Angel Exterminatus pylon? It's what I mentioned in my original post, where I read about this Iron Warriors attack on a Mechanicus asteroid that housed the Angel Exterminatus.

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    I like the part in the novel where Perturabo has a flashback about the Primarchs climbing a hill / monument complete with giant sets of steps, that rises above the clouds to a Space Marine Monument which became part of the Imperial Palace. A test that the Emperor made for all his Primarchs just before they set out on the Great Crusade. It says that not all of them made it to the top of the mountain, and I am assuming this is hinting at one of the missing Legions who were called "the fallen" in some of the old fluff. I may be grasping at straws with that assumption though.

    This however contradicts with the fluff we have been presented with in the rest of the HH series and other Heresy material, as the Emperor had only gathered a few Primarchs by the time he declared the start of the Great Crusade (those who were close to Earth's Solar system - Terra/Sol, and he collected the rest along the way over the next 200-300 years. Many of the novels have Primarchs who were discovered after the Great Crusade hint about the missing 2 legions as though they were around when they were removed/ killed. It is on Page 257 or there about. I am currently on page 301, but I am only reading on the train in the morning, so reading slowly.
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    Very cool stuff.

    I'm really looking forward to this read!

    I am now on page 57, and have a couple questions (my curiosity is getting the best of me):

    ******************************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS****************************************** *******

    Perturabo built a labyrinth for ROgal DOrn, for holding a particular prisoner. Any idea who that references?
    I REALLY enjoyed the description of all the artwork in Perturabo's inner sanctum: it sounds like he has the original Last Supper on one wall, but I could not figure out the rest. Any ideas?

    Also, I just read the part where Perturabo builds Thealkolia theater, on none other than Hydra Cordatus. Same planet that appeared in 'Storm of Iron'. Would have been awesome had they referenced the self-healing fortress on even the theater in that book.
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