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    Default Looking for a new army, Thats a bit diferent..

    So, My primary army is Tau, i'v been playing them since I started 40k back in 5'th edition and since then I have played Necrons (Mostly warrior spam) and some Space Wolves. But I'v mostly been shooting in all three armies, Stand back, Shoot enemy till they die, repeat. Now I'm looking for a army that plays diferently then my Tau and I'd like some sugestions.

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    Orks are the most fun army I've ever played. They can be a shooty army, true, but they are fast, sneaky, choppy and open for all of the converting you can think of.
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    Orks are one idea - or you could also start Nids... their current 'dex is not the best GW ever produced for competitive play, but it sure has some fun stuff, and a new one is on the horizon...
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    I toss my hat to the Orkz as well, their codex is diverse, with multiple builds possible. That said though, it is an older book (it was released at the end of 4th ed.) and a couple of units will come across as useless (Flash gitz...) However, with the rest of the book, Orkx can give you a varied force to work with, and some shenanigans that will leave more questions then answers.

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    Other option is to go different but complementary. Eldar are a mobile close range army, but can ally with Tau so you can start with just enough for an allied detachment.

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    If you want a serious challenge, try Dark Eldar.

    Their book is solid, but the army is inherently fragile, and works best when it's picking its fights. That calls for calculated aggression, as when you get mired in combat or boxed in, you pay heavily. They can be shooty and hitty to boot!

    And the model range is frankly jaw dropping.
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    Chaos marines, look at the more cc orientated units like Khorne Berserkers. Lots of fun and a Daemon prince with a Black mace is dead killy. Chuck in some Daemon allies for even more choppy action.

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    Yeah, there's never been a better time to start Orks (well, almost never - Black Reach was pretty glorious). We've got a beautiful model range except for a few really old models, and the best bit is with some appropriate looting you can use everybody else's models too! Sure, the Warbuggy driver looks a bit weird alongside a current Boy, but you don't have to use that model when you can bolt some wheels on to a Land Speeder Storm and crew it with more modern Orks! I like to paint my looted vehicles in the colour schemes of my regular opponents before daubing them with Deathskull blue. It really drives them mad.

    As for shooty things and fighty things, well... we've got boomguns, which are basically battlecannon, we've got deffguns, which on average are autocannon, we've got Flash Gitz who ignore cover and most of the time ignore armour too, the Shokk Attack Gun must be seen to be believed... and we've got Boyz with more attacks than you can possibly endure, we've got Nobz who are the same but stronger and fightier, we've got the fastest jump packs in the game, we've got power klaws all over the place and we've got strong contenders for the meanest, hardest characters around. There's not much that can take Ghazghkull on in combat and expect to win, with his 4 wounds, Eternal Warrior and ability to supercharge his 2+ save to an invulnerable save for a turn.

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    It should be noted is that the safe money on release lineup is either:

    Imperial Guard


    Imperial Guard

    So if you do want Orks, in ~6 months there will be a new codex and some new kits. If they make an ork boy kit as good as the new space marine tactical box, that'd be awesome.

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    I am a Guard Player first and foremost, and I have a massive range in the army (upwards of 30,000 points), so I have the ability to play different styles, from the Siege Regiments of Krieg, to the Mechanised Armageddon Steel Legion, to the light infantry of Tanith, the Heavy Infantry of Vostroya, and the all rounder Cadians. One army I love to play from time to time is an all-combat army. Something along the lines of this:
    Command Squad with Straken, 2 Bodyguards, Officer of the Fleet, Astropath, Regimental Standard, Heavy Flamer, 2 Flamers.
    3x 10 Ogryns
    Al'raheim, Blob Squad of 30 Guardsmen, 2 Special Weapons Squads, 40 Conscripts (Bring in the Next wave)
    Chenkov, blob squad of 30 Guardsmen, 2 Special Weapons Squads, 40 Conscripts (BITNW)
    Blob Squad of 30 Guardsmen, 2 Special Weapons Squads, 40 Conscripts (BITNW)
    Fast attack:
    3x10 Rough Riders, 1 squad with Mogul Kamir.

    I've played something like that before (I didn't own Ogryns then, so I proxied), and just ran across the board. The first platoon was anti-infantry (lots of Flamers, Heavy Flamers, Demo Charge), as was the second one, the third was nothing but Melta Guns for the anti-tank. It was about 2,000 points (a while ago now), and I just had a blast playing it (I think I lost, but oh well, it could easily be made competitive).

    So maybe try a guard army along those lines, and see the horror on your opponents face when you run across the board at him...


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