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    Default Imperial Guard Rumor Roundup

    Old BoLS Rumors (pre-August 2013):
    Release Date: January 2014
    Steel Legion Supplemental Codex
    Catachans Supplemental Codex
    Look for missing models in the new release:
    Plastic Stormtroopers
    Missing Artillery Kits
    New vehicle kit from EPIC
    via Faeit 8-19-2013
    Release date: March (or January) 2014
    Steel Legion Plastic Kits
    -Wearing "M35 Stahlhelms"
    -Infantry sqaud box
    -Command Squad box
    -Heavy Weapon box
    New Superheavy Tank based on the Baneblade.
    Baneblade & all other Superheavies will be in the Codex.
    Thunderer / Destroyer Kit.
    Vanilla Stormtroopers
    via BoLS 9-19-2013
    These rumors come to us in multiple sets, and we have ordered them from most trustworthy to least based on a variety of "truthifying methods":

    The Probable stuff:
    IG Veterans/Stormtroopers (plastic 5-man box)
    Artillery combo-kit
    Roughriders (new plastic box)

    The Possible stuff:
    IG Regiment Doctrines: Each Regiment (Cadian, Catachan, etc...)has doctrines, similar to SM Chapter tactics. Examples listed were:
    Cadians - may issue 2 orders to a unit
    Catachans - Move-thru-cover, and Jungle Fighter (???)

    Thunderbolt flyer: Very heavy armor, but cannot jink.

    The Salt-mine
    Imperial Robots - 2 new robots, requiring an Admech handler/enginseer.

    Knight Paladin - Taller than riptide, not as tall as Wraithknight. Vanquisher cannon and Uber-chainsword are standard load out. May upgrade to Punisher Cannon, Uber-Fist with Inferno Flamers
    Via BoLS 10/31/2013
    Codex Imperial Guard launches in March 2014
    Look for many refreshes in the codex rules.
    Expanded command system with the return of Doctrines
    The missing IG tanks will be released:
    -Griffon/Collosus/Medusa artillery kit
    Stormtroopers released
    Veterans released
    -These two infantry kits include many, many optional bits to build command squads and even penal troops.
    New centerpiece kit is a Horus Heresy era tank.
    via Noel at Wargamer 11-2-2013
    -‘Mission Objectives’ are potentially a new special rule for the Imperial Guard, although my channels are a little dry on this front, one can only begin to imagine what they do. I heard on the grapevine, that this special rule would allow even sergeants, to order ‘minor orders’ to their own unit.

    -Formerly Forge World dominated vehicles will take a tour in the Imperial Guard codex. This means we could see such units as the Forge World Destroyer Tank Hunter as part of the upcoming codex. Although one finds it extremely unlikely they will receive a new plastic kit.

    -Headquarters units have seen a massive shake up. Above the whole organisation, some units have been deleted, others modified. You start by buying a command squad, this is then changed by swapping the officer for a commissar, if one wishes too. The three present advisors have been retained, with the addition of the Primaris Psyker as a command squad advisor.

    -Ministorum Priests are back in the same manner as before, this time though it has been rumoured they increase the ranged output of the unit, as well combat potential. Maybe in the form of the ‘preferred enemy’ special rule, who knows?

    -The mighty (or not so mighty Enginseer) has stayed relatively the same, except for the transition from HQ to either Elite or Heavy Support. But what excites me the most, are their roles on the field of battle. Apparently they will act much like Royal Courts in the Necron army, bought with certain upgrades, then attached out to other units, to confer certain benefits to that unit.

    -In terms of repacking, it is believed that special weapon squads will receive their own box set. This is also rumoured to be extended to veteran squads and heavy weapon teams. Coming in boxes of five models, with a wide variety of special equipment.

    -Moving on from the veteran weapon squads re-boxing, it is believed that they will be changing their position on the battlefield. With smaller squad sizes, veterans seem to be taking a fire support role, that focuses on battlefield specialisation.

    -Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship’ will more than likely be streamlined into one unit. Also it is believed that the squadron option will be lost, and an increase in points to balance out the power of Vendetta and Valkyrie gunship’ in sixth edition.
    via Warseer's StrykerSniper 11-8-2013
    I did have a tiny look behind the iron curtain of GWs privacy policies, and I was able to see some mockups of the new veterans/stormtrooper boxed set, and it would be an amazing kit to build warbands or stormtrooper squads. Also I saw a model that appeared to be an Inquisitor, and was wearing a long cloak and armor. I could see GW allowing stormtroopers as a troop choice to induce additional sales of the new kit, which, frankly, floored me. The details were great, with kasrkin style armor, and all sorts of weapons including hellguns, sniper rifles, special weapons, a cool missile launcher, a bunch of sergeant options, bolters, and lots of shotguns that managed to not look like scout shotguns. Also, the bolters did not look like marine shotuns, they were a little more human sized. Some of the poses were also amazingly dynamic. Some were stoic standing poses, while a couple were very John Woo! There were also a lot of extra bits, poches, packs, grenades, knives, some scanner like equipment, and what appeared to be night vision goggles. If i were a puppy, I would've piddled onm the rug, and it was a supreme act of will not to grab the models and run for the door. Apparently, they have also been ready for some time. Please dear God, let these see the light of my hobby store soon and I will have at least 5 boxes! This might even revitalize my Guard army.

    Oh, and there were a bunch of heads! respirator heads, heads with berets, bald heads, heads with mohawks and crew cuts. Most were scarred, and one had an eyepatch, while another had a disfigured eye with what looked like claw marks, one head was smoking a stogie, and there were two heads with berets. There was even a knife that looked like a trench knife with raised knuckle dusters. There were scopes, a hand radio, and a bunch of bits for the bases including plants, a snake, and some ammo cans and satchel charges. There was even a hand holding an entrenching tool (shovel to you non-military types). There were a few holstered pistols, and as a delightful surprise, there were also autoguns in addition to lasguns, and there were bits for pistol and close combat weapon troops, although few were chainblades. There was a demo charge, melta bombs, and camo cloaks. I was very, very impressed. The attention to detail was phenomenal.
    via BoLS 12-31-2013
    New plastic tank based heavily on the Heresy-era Malcador. Large kit outsizes the Land Raider (way smaller than a Baneblade) Multiple variants in the kit.

    Updated Basilisk returns. Gun assembly is more rearward with armored skirts replacing the delicate railing. An overall more up-armored appearance.

    A NEW dogfighter flyer arrives, that is NOT an existing known model.

    New Plastic Stormtrooper/Veteran kit will build a minimum sized unit. Kit includes a TON of optional bits to individualize your squad as well as bits to dress up existing Cadian ranges.
    Via [URL=""]40K Radio[/URL] 1-23-2014

    As you may have seen on other sites Febraury is all about the Dwarfs. So for you fans of the short and bearded get pumped. March will see the release of Imperial Knights. This year is shaping up to be a good one.
    [URL=""]via Lion275[/URL] (40 Radio's RIK) 1-23-2014

    Imperial Guard recieving a name change (like Sisters did), either to incorporate new units, or for legal reasons.

    Completely serious. The book is called Astra Militarium.
    IG is April, following March's Imperial Knights. Knights are NOT in the IG (Astra Militarium) Codex.

    via Lion275 (40K Radio's RIK) on Warseer 1-25-2014
    Ok some more news. There was a slight misunderstanding of the new IG name....Astra Militarum. No extra "I" in there. And from our source there will be a mix of Cadian and Catachan releases for Astra Militarum. So the rumors of Catachans going away would appear to be incorrect.
    via [URL=""]40K Radio's Rik[/URL] 2-6-2014
    Plastic Ogryns
    So some exciting news. A listener of ours was at a GW store today that mistakenly received a shipment of some unreleased items. It was the plastic Ogryn kit. The rename is confirmed as they were called Militarum Auxillia. Boom! Nailed it.
    Imperial Guard Latest 2-13-2014
    -Plastic Ogryns
    -Plastic Stormtroopers
    -New large tank

    40kRadio adds:

    -Commissar Squads
    -New Larger Transport
    -Stormtroopers, Commissar Squads, and Bullgryns are Astra Auxilary. These units may be taken as "plug-ins" to other Imperial armies.
    -Catachans and Cadians are covered in the new codex. Catachans are not going to direct only.
    Imperial Guard Latest 3-6-2014
    Imperial Guard will take up a 3 week release slot.

    - Week one is up for preorder with the March 22nd White Dwarf.
    - Breakdown is as follows:

    Week 1: 3 kits, including the Ogryns plastic combo-kit and 2 others.
    Week 2: Codex
    Week 3: 2 kits
    Imperial Guard Latest 3-7-2014
    Week 1: three kits:

    - Ogryns/Bullgryns plastic combo-kit (one unit with ranged weapons, the other with giant shields and close combat weapons)
    - Stormtroopers/Veterans combo-kit
    - Unseen "Big transport" kit.

    This new vehicle is said to be able to move entire squads of Ogryns and other stuff (so apparently more transport space than the Chimera). This kit is said to be roughly Land Raider sized. Previous "big tank" chatter over a month ago has also described it as being influenced by the Forgeworld Malcador's design.
    via Luke Tickle 3-8-2014
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tempestus-mystery.jpg 
Views:	6276 
Size:	60.4 KB 
ID:	7781

    Imperial Guard Latest 3-9-2014
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AM-scions.jpg 
Views:	10211 
Size:	59.0 KB 
ID:	7783Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AM-tank-101.jpg 
Views:	6752 
Size:	32.3 KB 
ID:	7784Click image for larger version. 

Name:	astra-militarum-codex.jpg 
Views:	3359 
Size:	35.2 KB 
ID:	7785
    Imperial Guard Latest 3-12-2014
    [URL=""]Descanso De Escriba[/URL] posted
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hydra-01.jpg 
Views:	4205 
Size:	113.2 KB 
ID:	7842

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ogryn-01.jpg 
Views:	4398 
Size:	120.8 KB 
ID:	7843Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ogryn-02.jpg 
Views:	4663 
Size:	80.1 KB 
ID:	7844Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ogryn-03.jpg 
Views:	4432 
Size:	93.8 KB 
ID:	7845Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ogryn-04.jpg 
Views:	3715 
Size:	90.9 KB 
ID:	7846Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ogryn-05.jpg 
Views:	5053 
Size:	77.0 KB 
ID:	7847
    via lordbeefy on [URL=""]Warseer[/URL]:

    Heard a small rumour today from GW staffer....ogryns shields act as mobile aegis line type defence....4+ cover save, but they forgo their move in the subsequent phase. The weapons are a cross between grenade launchers and a mortar with specialist shells. Sounds very feasible from what i have seen of the model. He also said that the moustachiod ogryn is indeed neddog and has some interesting rules. On a par with the Kell rule with Creed.
    [URL=""]Faeit [/URL] on 3-24-2014:

    I can confirm the reports of Astra Tempestus and Militarum leaks inside. Full stat pages and lore for the Taurox, Taurox Prime and Scions. Scions are WS 3 BS 4 Str 3 To 3 with Hot-shot Lasguns and Carapace armor. They can upgrade a number of models to have Plasma Guns, Melta Guns or Overcharged Lasguns. May take a Taurox or Chimera as dedicated transport. There is also a Scion Command Squad, but I forget the difference, they have the option of taking the Taurox Prime as dedicated transport instead.

    Taurox is approx. the cost of a lone marine in a Rhino, 11 10 10 for armor and rerolls failed terrain rolls, comes mounted with an Autocannon and can hold 10 models. Taurox Prime is approx. 2 more marines in that rhino but comes with your choice of Taurox Missile Launcher, Battle Cannon or Gatling Cannon. Same armor and transport capacity as the regular model.
    via [URL=""]40K Warzone[/URL] 3-24-2014
    New [URL=""]Taurox - Scions Pics Here[/URL]
    Imperial Guard Latest 3-25-2014
    So, it seems MILITARUM TEMPESTUS is only an expansion for the imperial guard and not the real imperial guard.. the codex (released the same week as direct only) will be only in english and it'll have only the extra unit seen in the wd photos and maybe something else.

    ALTAR OF WAR Book (HB) 39€

    via [URL=""]40K Warzone[/URL] 3-24-2014
    New [URL=""]Even more Taurox - Scions Pics Here[/URL]
    Taurox & Taurox Prime Summary 3-26-2014

    AV: 11/10/10
    BS:3 HP:3
    Fire ports:2 per side, Access points: side, rear
    Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
    Transport Capacity: 10
    Linked Autocannon
    May be used by any IG squad who can access a Chimera

    Taurox Prime
    AV: 11/10/10
    BS:4 HP:3 Fast
    Fire ports:2 per side, Access points: side, rear
    Reroll Difficult Terrain tests
    Transport Capacity: 10
    Taurox Battle Cannon (S7 AP4, Blast), Linked Hot-shot Volley gun
    Upgrade Taurox Battle Cannon to:
    Taurox Gatling Cannon (S4 AP-- Heavy10) +10pts
    Taurox Missile Launcher (Cyclone clone) +20pts
    May be used by any Scions or Scions Command Squad
    Scions & Scion Command Squad Summary 3-26-2014
    Scion Platoons
    Elite choices for Codex Imperial Guard
    1-3 Scion Squads
    0-1 Scion Command Squad

    Scions Squad (5 -10 models): WS3 BS4 S3 T3 Ld: 7 (Serg:8)
    Hotshot Lasguns, Carapace, Hotshot Laspistols, (frag/krak - Serg. only)
    Squad upgrades: 0-2 models: Plasma, Melta, Hotshot Volleyguns, Grenade Launcher, Flamer
    Deep Strike, Move through Cover
    Dedicated Transport: Chimera, Taurox Prime

    Scions Command Squad (5 models): WS3 BS4 S3 T3 Ld:7 (Serg:9)
    Hotshot Lasguns, Carapace, Hotshot Laspistols, (frag/krak - Serg. only)
    Squad upgrades: 0-4 Any IG Special Weapon
    Deep Strike, Move through Cover
    Medic, Vox, Banner Upgrades
    Squad leader (Tempestor): 18" Ld bubble for his Scion Platoon. Can issue IG 1 order 12" radius.
    Dedicated Transport: Chimera, Taurox Prime
    via Barcode 3-30-2014
    Hydra-Wyvern Combo Kit
    White Dwarf #10 Cover Image

    Wyvern Support Battery
    1-3 Wyvern
    AV: 12/10/10
    Stormshard Mortar: R:48" S:4 AP:6 Heavy 2, Barrage, Blast, Shred, Ignores Cover
    65 Pts
    A Chimera hull variant vehicle - Turret mounts twin short, wide barrels.
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    This post commandeered in the name of the Realm:

    via [URL=""]George Smiley[/URL] 3-31-2014
    IG Week 2 Releases
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1KGNJsm.jpg 
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Size:	296.0 KB 
ID:	8074Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ikDhjA0.jpg 
Views:	1574 
Size:	196.6 KB 
ID:	8075Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lKOjt6v.jpg 
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Size:	230.8 KB 
ID:	8076Click image for larger version. 

Name:	M5mSG4R.jpg 
Views:	2353 
Size:	305.1 KB 
ID:	8077Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TXGxOjm.jpg 
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Size:	365.9 KB 
ID:	8078
    [URL=""]via Faeit[/URL] 4-4-14
    1 ~ Sly Marbo will NOT be in the new AM codex. He's gone. (possibly a future dataslate)

    2 ~ The Vendetta has gone up to 170 points, and lost half it's transport capacity, in that it can only transport up to 6 infantry (25mm) models. They can, however, still be taken in squadrons.
    New Commissar via TheDiceAbide 4-4-2014
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0032.480x480-75.jpg 
Views:	2400 
Size:	42.5 KB 
ID:	8123

    via Descanso del Escriba 4-7-2013

    Armored Sentinels: -15pts but lose default Extra Armor

    Infantry Platoons, Command Squads look about the same

    Conscripts are in, 3 pts apiece!

    Hydras are open-topped, 70pts. No Interceptor, No Ignore Cover.

    Roughriders are in.

    Leman Russes run @150pts but can range from @120 - 170 based on options.
    via Barcode 4-8-2014
    Bullgryn: WS4 BS3 S5 T5 W3 I2 A3 Ld6 Sv4+
    Bone'ead: WS4 BS3 S5 T5 W3 I2 A4 Ld7 Sv4+

    Grenade Launcher: (R:12" S:4 AP:6 Assault1 Small blast)
    Bulllgryn Shield: (+1 Armor Save if in base-to-base contact with another model with a Bullgryn Shield, +1Cover save to any model obscured by the model)
    Special Rules: Hammer of Wrath, Stubborn, Very Bulky
    Dedicated Transpsort: Chimera, Taurox
    Squad size 3-10
    45pts each

    Options: +15 per Bullgryn to upgrade to Brute Shield (Rerolls on Hammer of Wrath, and 5+ Inv. Sv.) and Power Maul

    [URL=""]via Dakka's Inquisitor Jex[/URL] 4-10-2014

    "Commissar rules about the execution is real: 1-2 opponent choose, 3+ you pick.

    Fire on my Target now grants ignore cover instead of re-rolling successful cover saves. Bring it down gives monster/tank hunter instead of twin-linked.

    Officer order range is 12inch for both senior and junior. Senoirs get 2 orders/turn instead of 1.
    Creed gets 2 Warlord trait, that you can roll in 2 different warlord chart if you want.

    Straken gets automcatically the one granted relentless; Harcker lost feel no pain (T3 blargh) but is also relentless (and no word that only he's got it, so you get a squad of relentless vet for +55pts)

    Heavy flamer is 10pts; and (har har!) if vets don't take it, they can still sport 3 Special Weapons instead of 2.

    Power fist/weapon are still 25/15 pts.

    Ratlings can now shoot and run in the same shooting phase.

    Heavy Weapons team are 45 pts, but since you MUST take 3 heavy weapons, the cheapest being mortars at 5 pts, there's no price change. Scout Sentinels are still 35 pts.

    CCS are 60pts.
    Tank commander are 30, +40 for Pask
    Creed is 80, Straken is 130, gains monster hunter, smash, but 6 inch counter-charge/furious charge bubble

    Platoon didn't change in price. Vets are 60.

    Yes, Executiooner gains Gets Hot for main weapon..

    Deathstrike can't fire first round, blast is apocalyptic blast

    1-Hydra got 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannon, (Heavy 2 skyfire) for 70, open-topped.

    2-Creed can issue 3 orders/turn, failed orders MUST be re-rolled; he also go 2 hot-shot laspistol, no word on being twin-linked, so gunsligner.base for him; Kell makes a unit take the order's Ld test on his Leadership (which is 8) ONLY when he's with Creed. Kell also got the bodyguard rule (Look out -arghh!) and Sworn protector (got to do a glorious intervention when he can and auto passes the test) 80Creed/75Kell cost

    3-Nork got Sworn Protector rule as well, FnP, Hammer of Wrath, look out Arrgh, Stubborn, Very bulky (no is dark in 'ere rules for him or the other 'Gryns as well) Heroic Sacrifice as the old codex (can re-roll to hit/to wound on that as well), can exchange his normal attacks in melee (4) for a single headbutt, giving +3 Str, AP3, concussive. 85 for Nork

    4-Basic is 150
    Exterminator 130
    Vanquis 135
    Eradicator 120
    Demo 170
    Punisher 140
    Execu 155.

    Lascanon in the hull is 10 pts, so at least it's cheaper...
    10 HF sponson
    20 HB
    20 MM
    30 plasma canons

    Also, you can do Sarge, any sarges, a gunsligner; he can take any itemS (notice the S) from the ranged Weapons list (Vet is melee AND ranged) the only basic gear that specifically states he is replacing is his CCW. for a power weapon (Vet got no specification)

    Arty is only the Wyvern and the Earthshaker/Mandicore (+10 pts) and Deathstrike (no change)

    Heavy Flamer is not in the special weapons lists, it is an added line in the unit's gear choice (as only CCS, PCS and vets can take it) but still count as a special weapons; hence why Vets can take 3 specials if they forgo the Heavy Flamer

    Hellounds and variants are back
    Hell: 125
    Dog 135
    Wolf: 130
    Multi-melta is 10 pts

    Vet Sgts, can't issue orders.

    Heavy Weapons costs are the same...Missile launcher is still 15 pts, +10 for flakk missiles...conscripts are like the old codex; no special weapons, 3 pts a pop, still part of a platoon. SWS starts at 30.

    Sgts can't take lasGUNS; only bolt pistol/gun and plasma pistols.

    As for competitive..not much changed..the orders are actually better in my opinion (got to try it first of course) the Warlords Traits are nice, short of one (CCS gains relentless..'wow') the fact that even junior officer can turn a IS with spit fire, precision shot and shoot+run is nice. base 12 inch range for everyone will mean the PCS will actually be used for more than a turn 5 objective cleaner..OH!

    The old Grav chute insertion; it now happens when the Val/Ven moves MORE THAN 6 inches instead of flat out..."
    Wolfshade's original post:

    I like this, I always wanted an IG regiment.

    As an aside there seems to be a veritable smörgåsbord of rumours recently.
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    I cqll bull**** on the Baneblade and superheavies in the codex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLove42 View Post
    I cqll bull**** on the Baneblade and superheavies in the codex.
    i'm with you. No way in hell a super heavy is going in a codex.
    I didn't do it. You can't prove i did it. Ok I'm sorry send me the bill.

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    I sure as hell hope note. I love my armoured company, but I would never want to field my baneblade with it in a normal game. loads of people were adamant last guard release that the baneblade would be in the codex and I called bull on that and was told over and over again I was wrong, probably be the same again.
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    I'd hope not, but the cynical part of me is wondering if they'll introduce the Baneblade chassis into the normal 40K Codex instead of the standard oval based giant kit. It'll presumably be completely overpowered unless they scale it back a bit though.

    If that's the case, I might buy my old one back from a friend, but I'm not buying a new one.

    I like the idea of plastic storm troopers though And the Steel Legion would have been nice if I wasn't already pretty committed to Catachans.

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    Id like the codex to push the massed infantry and tank approach, not thrvelite stormtroopers and veterans in Vendettas we see all the time now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigred View Post
    Old BoLS Rumors (pre-August 2013):

    Release Date: January 2014
    Steel Legion Supplemental Codex
    Catachans Supplemental Codex
    Look for missing models in the new release:
    Plastic Stormtroopers
    Missing Artillery Kits
    New vehicle kit from EPIC
    This I buy. Stormtroopers/Carapace Vets makes sense, would sell, and covers several units in the book.
    Hyrda is missing a model.
    Basilisk/Colossus/Medusa. Latter two need kits, and they could do the gun as a modular weapon like the Shadowsword- Breech, Wide short barrel, medium length and width barrel, long thin earthshaker barrel.
    New vehicle from Epic? That seems like an odd one. There aren't all that many IG vehicles from Epic left that would fit the bill. Siegfried and Ragnarok tanks (redundant with Leman Russ, not even FW has bothered with these yet), Chimerax, Chimerro, Chimerodon, (Turret swaps for the Chimaera, again FW has not bothered with these yet) and the Mole (cool transport, but to transport a normal squad we already have the Valk and Chimaera). I would hope for a Griffon/Salamander as another vehicle slot, personally. They could easily share a design, just drop the autocannon/heavy flamer from the Salamander and mount a mortar in the troop bay. And Salamander would make a nice fast transport for command squads and say special weapon squads.

    via Faeit 8-19-2013

    Release date: March (or January) 2014
    Steel Legion Plastic Kits
    -Wearing "M35 Stahlhelms"
    -Infantry sqaud box
    -Command Squad box
    -Heavy Weapon box
    New Superheavy Tank based on the Baneblade.
    Baneblade & all other Superheavies will be in the Codex.
    Thunderer / Destroyer Kit.
    Vanilla Stormtroopers
    Don't buy this one at all.
    Steel Legion getting 3 kits would eat up a massive amount of the kit budget for models that are an aesthetic variant of the current plastic Cadian and Catachan models, when there are a number of IG units without models or needing transitioned from finecast to plastic.
    What variants on the Baneblade are left? And they just merged the Shadowsword into the baneblade box.
    Superheavies in the codex? Not before 7th edition.
    Thunderer/Destroyer? While I do love the Destroyer (Grey Venger is best tank!) there is no reason to add them when existing kits cover the same roles- Demolisher and Vanquisher. And again, there are vehciels that need models before they add new ones.
    Vanilla Stormtroopers? Logical guess. No complaints. Doesn't make any of the rest of this list true.

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    Fast Chimeras for steel legion would be cool.

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    the steel legion figs may arrive with the supplement, wasnt there word that this may happen with supplements?

    currently working on a line of sci-fi bunkers and tunneling, input always appreciated

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