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    Default Design of new battleboard

    I am trying to create some interesting battle boards for table wargames.*
    I choosen to draw digital file for future printing on PVC, it is modern and gives you ability to make copies. Everything allright, but the problem is to find designer, who:*
    • Works with 2d and tiles, patterns*
    • Has enough fast computer to create 21600x14400pxls image*
    • Is fond of*WH40k*or other wargame.*
    • Really cathes style of our SCI-FI world*

    It is real problem here, in Russia, becouse no good design education at all... Though, i started this project and will carry on. If anyone is interested to help us -*pls*wright to me or directly to our site. We need somthing like that.

    Thank you!*

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    Doesn't anybody go this way of design? Help pls! =)
    Trying to make a best battle board at



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