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    Default A Note About Self Promotion - EVERYONE READ

    We want the hobby forums to be a great community center for both inspiration and learning from your fellow hobbyists.

    Acceptable Self-promotion
    Many times people show off their projects with pictures and include things such as watermarks, or a link to their home site for people who want to head over and take a look.

    We have never had any issue with that.

    Unacceptable Self-promotion
    But, we are seeing a rise of "link only" hobby threads that are content-less and only include the title of a hobby project and a link to it on a 3rd party location.

    These will be considered SPAM moving forward.

    So by all means, show off your stuff, share your hobby, be inspired by and inspire those around you and as always you should feel free to self promote in a discreet tasteful manner.

    But please remember that the hobby subforums are not a dumping ground for naked advertising links.

    We know you all have awesome pictures of your projects - show them off!
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    Glad to see this, i'm happy to click a link to see more pictures or a more in depth article on how something was created but when there are no pictures at all it's just annoying.
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    I generally don't bother looking at links unless someone else has told me they like it and ask my opinion. That or, as EG said, there are a couple of good pictures and I want to see more!

    This can only be a good thing
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