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Thread: Your characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangre View Post
    Irdion, clearly never having encountered Melissia before.
    More like:

    Irdion: Doesn't care in the slightest about internet personalities.


    Irdion: Opinionated, and too dumb to keep his damn mouth shut.

    Take your pick.
    The objective of the game is to win. The purpose of the game is to have fun. The two should never be confused.

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    To be fair, here I am ragging on a construct I dislike without providing anything useful in turn.

    I am far and above a member of the minimalist school of role-play character creation and development, believing that a character is not a set of numbers, but an oulet for an alternate personality.

    My most recent character went by the name of Hector "Loosy" Vasquez, a Penal Legionnaire for dereliction of duty, fraternizing with the public, and cowardice in the line of duty. I decided with the character that I'd take a totally different route from my normal white knight types, and play a utter slimeball with little to no positive qualities whatsoever.

    Suffice to say I succeeded admirably, caring little for personal property, making a general disgrace of the uniform, and somehow managing to accomplish the assignment objectives with minimum havoc or fuss and generally with a benefit to the native population.

    Our group had a pretty good dynamic going; with an Arbitrator who held my leash gradually realizing I wasn't a total raving maniac, a Guardsman who's disgust in my actions began to fade as he realized that I did, in fact, care what happened to people despite my criminal record, and an Adept whose general level of reaction varied between romantic interest and bitter enemy.

    We had a nice run exploring throughout Scintilla, breaking up a Nurgle-run medical clinic and food distribution center, having the places purged by Inquisitorial kill teams, and tracing the conspiracy to the top of the hive hierarchy. Loosy managed to meet his end here, where he held off the private security forces with heavy stubber while the party escaped. Burned his last fate point to avoid dying horribly to several shots to the torso by lasgun fire (for a little while at least) , and walked out of the impromptu barricade with frags clutched in both hands. Ended his career by providing the party an escape route, and eventually breaking up an outbreak of Nurgle's Rot in the lower hab blocks from the party which survived the day.

    Fun character all told, wish he'd lived a bit longer to flush out his true character a bit more. Working on a Scum right now, and thinking of turning him into the ultimate dirty space lawyer. No idea really how to do it yet, but the prospect entertains me greatly.
    The objective of the game is to win. The purpose of the game is to have fun. The two should never be confused.

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    Default Inquisitor Critieon

    In this thread I will attempt to document the trials and tribulations of Inquistor Criteion and his montley retinue.

    Like all good stories this one started out with a massive prison riot and ensuing chaotic fight.

    While gathering intel on the location and workings of a possible choas cult on the small planet of Messa Prime, Inquisitor Criteions became interested in a prison adjacent to the main hive of the planet. The hive borrowed its name from the planet it was located on and the prison was known as "The Stone Box".

    The prison got its imposing name from its giant stone walls, ericted hundreds of years ago. It provoked Inquisitor Criteions attention based on the fact that all the intel he had gathered suggested that it was a recuiting station for the cult. A large, well guarded, secure facility filled with the worst the planet had to offer; it was a perfect starting point to his investigation.

    The investigation did not go as smoothly as planned.

    While interrigating the prison warden, Inquisitor Criteion recieved a warning from one of his spies that his prey, the elusive General Salo had discovered his presense on the planet. General Salo (or at least thats the title he is calling himself this week) was the Imperial High Commander of Messa Prime and had also been the subject of at least two Imperial Investigations to date. Both where headed by Critieon himself. He had always seemed to purge his name of any doubt of heresy rather conviently right before he was to be ordered killed by the Inquisiton.

    Salo was the true reason Critieon suspected this planet of possible heresy, and the true reason he was on Messa Prime and why he was in the prison [and how this campaign got started]. While interrigating the warden Critieon was interruprted by a staged prison riot designed to masked his assassination. Salo had lured Critieon to the prison by having the guard purposely arrest and torture three high functioning pyskers to the point of madness. Their latent anger and rage was like a homing beacon to Critieon, who himself is a high functioning psyker.

    Once Critieon was inside the prison the trap was set and the spring was coiled. All that was left was to pull the cord. Salo ordered a bombardment of the prisons inner wall to spark the riot, the prisoners inside did the rest. Within moments of the wall collapsing the prison was in chaos. Prisoners and guards where running for cover and runnings for thier lives.

    Rumble and blood burst into the air and then rained down like hail on the surviors. This was when Salo ordered the assassin he had planeted in the prison to strike. Standing in for a mundane gaurd, who conviently was escorting Critieon through the prison, the assasin made his move just as the bombardment began. Fortunitly... or unfortunitly, depending on which side you are on, he failed.

    The assassin was dead before he could even pull out the venomous blade he had hidden in his sleave. Salo had misjudged Criteion. He had known of Critieon impressive pysker abilities but he had not factored in Critieons other abilities. Those of recruiting. Critieon has always prided himself on those he surronds himself with. And that day, actualy since landing on Messa Prime, Critieon had been in the company of Ella. Ella is "unique".

    Ella is a Daemonhost.

    With the help of Ella, whos true name must not be repeated lest you grant her power, Critieon easily fought his way free of the guards and prisoners. While engaged in combat Criteion and Ella found themselves inside Section 3 of the prison complex. It was inside this building where Critieon first meet the member of his new retinue.

    That was all backstory. I will post the 1st weeks story later, as I am tired of typing right now.]
    "If you build a man a fire he will be warm for a night, but if you set a man on fire he will be warm for the rest of his life."

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    My primary character is my feral-world guardsman, my secondary a Schola-progenium cleric, but my favorite character lasted three sessions, emperor rest his soul.

    Mithras Marr was an Imperial-world Sanctioned psyker who was assigned to a group of very skeptical acolytes. I rolled up dreadful intelligence and fellowship scores. His willpower was acceptable, as was his ballistic skill, but mostly he was very bad at being a psyker and even worse at getting along with people.

    I roleplayed him as a kind of aloof bumpkin with the irritating habit of unconsciously mimicking the voices of his comrades and frequently using Weaken the Veil to make psychic casting (and phenomena) more frequent. I spent his entire allowance at character creation on sixteen frag grenades, which I noted to the storyteller were linked by a string tied through the pins of each. Needless to say, he was universally reviled by the characters around him even as he cheerfully followed along and added what he could to the investigation.

    One day, the inevitable happened: Psychic Phenonema became Perils of the Warp, and Perils of the Warp yielded a full-blown demonic summoning. Right after the cell had had the fight of its lives against a pair of greenskins, a hideous demon of Tzeench, all eyeballs and tentacles, exploded into being.

    Mithras aced his fear and initiative rolls, moved adjacent to the creature, and pulled the ripcord, obliterating himself and the demon in sixteen close-range frag blasts.

    The string with the pins miraculously survived the explosion, and is now carried around by the cell of acolytes as a sort of relic or charm; the instrument of Mithras Marr who, in never hesitating to destroy himself to save others from the perils of his curse, became the very ideal of what an Imperial Psyker should be.

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    Irdion, you should never trash someone's idea of a pc, it doesn't matter if its logical or not. Its the 41st thousandth year, anything is possible, maybe she is a genetic Prodigy that has more than just human level intelligence, maybe she uses 50% of her brain.
    I know of children who make Lecturers look like high school level, you hear about them every now and then, there the ones movies are actually based off, who can play the violin better than grown adults, and their only 6. Or kids by the time their 14 have finished university, yes it really does happen.
    So to say its it?
    I personally have met an aspiring woman, so innocent i was confounded, yet all day she reads, and she can tell you of every book she read. With a perfect flawless memory and passion, she has read ten of thousands of books so far, and quize her on a page number and watch her recite it to you. She loves doing that She gets a kick out of peoples expressions of being dumb-founded.
    Guess her age...20.

    Pesonnally i think the character would be amazing to play, so hard, yet complicated, with an innocence of childish, how intriging. I bore easily with stereotypical grunts.

    Personnally im playing a SoB, raised in the shadow of Terra itself, a orphan after her parents were Martyrd in a bloody conflict kilometres below ground in long lost passageways of the Imperial Archives. Raised by a kind lady, and placed in the care of the Schola Progenium and groomed for life as a dedicated servant of his Holy Emporer.
    At the age of 15 she took her first steps from the Convent Prioris, gazed upon the sights of Holy Terra once more and as she stood there, was met by the same Lady, seemingly unaged by time.
    Shortly later she would walk the path of accompaning this Lady for she followed an Inquisitor Lord. So it was my sacred duty to protect her, bring spiritual guidance to the other followers and lend my Faith to the adversaries of the Inquisitor. Being a bastion of light, faith and devotion.

    She is Innocent of worldly matters, is troubled by viewed sins everywhere, slowly has she learnt hold her tongue and bolter in check. And view the scenes before her before judging everyone as guilty of Sin.
    But on times of Heretical behavious, she has been inspirations, fearsome to behold. An avenging angels singing battle hyms leading to battle, never flinching and bringing death to true enemies.
    "Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. They need not fear, for we shall deliver"

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    If I can ever find a group to play one of these games, I want to make a Catachan Guardsman using the Deathworld homeworld stats from Rogue Trader.
    "Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse."

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    I've only played two characters in WH40K RPG, Domanic Baltasaar and The Solitaire, and both of them for only a couple of games. I'd like to revisit them at some point, if I get the chance.

    Dominic Baltasaar is a Cadian born Astropath with a long and storied history of loathing the forces of Chaos, not in the least because his lover was slaughtered by Traitor Marines during the 13th Black Crusade. Scarily enough, he was the best melee character in that playgroup, and I was working on him forging his own Force Blade in game. The Rogue Trader in our party was a youngish woman who had watched her dynasty fall to chaos-spawned treachery, and a nice mentor-student dynamic was forming between the two characters. He was also the party's moral compass and voice of reason in many regards, which was useful given how obsessed our Tech-priest was with touching Big Red Buttons and how hell-bent on vengeance our Rogue Trader was.

    The Solitaire was an Alpha Legion Chosen focused on heavy weapons and ambush tactics. He was a veteran of the Long War, having been in the Alpha Legion since before for the events in the Horus Heresy novel Legion (which if you haven't read, I heartily recommend). Equipped with Mk 4s Stealth Armour (Basically regular Power Armour with built in Cameleoline and Stummer systems), he was the party's scout/assassin. What the other characters weren't aware of so much was that he was still loyal to the ideals of the Emperor, his hatred of the Imperium stemming from how far from those lofty ideals man had fallen. I had a personal goal of never gaining Corruption points on the character, and admittedly in the short time I played him, he didn't gain any taint at all. The best moment I had with him was a philosophical debate with an Eccleasiarch preist the warband had taken prisoner. Another trait that was fun to play with was playing up the whole 'we are Legion' angle. He never removed his helmet in the presence of others, and his armour was deliberately kept as bland and 'average' as possible. Even if he did remove his helm, his features and voice were distinctly unremarkable (as in he had the Talent Unremarkable).

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    I like your alpha legion concept.

    I do have a question - and maybe some GMs might care to answer it too. How did your GM cover the 'been at war for ten thousand years' problem?

    Simply put, any Heresy-era marine still living has to have accumulated enough experience to almost break the game. And even if you take the approach of the Soul Hunter trilogy, where warp distortion meant that First Claw are, from their point of view, only a few centuries removed from
    the Heresy, that's still three hundred years extra experience, not to mention the Crusade and Heresy themselves - the two greatest wars in human history. And, of course, all implants etc work perfectly yadda yadda. Ergo, any genuine veteran of a traitor Legion should be at least half again as good as even a quite experienced PC, if you look at it logically. They've simply been there, done that, so many times.

    Playing a character with that sort of background sytrikes me as being difficult to balance without his abilities dominating the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irdion View Post
    This is, without a doubt, one of the flat-out most insanely over the top characters I have ever heard described. Why in the world would your GM allow even half of this? How would people actually like the character enough to sit down and teach the vast expanse of Imperial knowledge, let alone by the age of 15? They actually have a name for that kind ofeducation package, by the name of the Schola Progenium plus or minus the odd bit of lore. I can tell you right now that no 15 year old, barring the most EXTREME cases, is ever going to be an academic savant by that age. On top of that, I want you to really try to dedicate yourself to more than one discipline of academic thought. For the purposes of this example, lets say astrophysics and biology, just for simple(ish) items of discussion (not going into how the girl has 17 lore skills). Now I want you, in the space of a normal educational lifespan, to teach your normal (read: no aura of sick disgust in her presence) child these two subjects in all of their breadth and depth, plus 38k years of development. Good luck with that. Now extrapolate that example to 17 fields of study. And add on gun-slinging. And a personality that surely has everyone else in your party rolling their eyes while you waste time talking about totally irrelevant and unimportant information.

    You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.
    What we see here is the case where a player creates an unrealistic fantasy, and not a plausible alternate character or person, with which the player can fool around with in another universe.
    Spelling errors are free of charge...


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