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    Thanks, though I did take some colour inspiration from the laughing cow....

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    Dayum. Maybe submit these pics to Forgeworld? A lot of their Chaos Dwarf stuff doesn't have a paint-up (the Fireborn reaaaally need one), and yours might be able to fill that little niche.

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    Not a bad idea, I'll have to look into that!

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    I do love the FW Chaos Dwarfs models, and army. Too bad they have FW prices so they are so rare.

    What is your points goal? 1850, 2000, or 2500?
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    Thanks! I'm really hoping i can get a fully army pic soon. Even I haven't seen it all together yet, and i really wanna see how it looks on the battlefield.

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    Mutalith Vortex Beast Commission, for that ever expanding chaos dwarf army. Tell me what you think! I wanted to break up that pinkish flesh with the spots cuz it felt a bit to bright, i donno how i feel about those spots.

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    Diggin' the mutalith! The conversion adds a nice twist to an awesome model.


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