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View Poll Results: How often would you field superheavies/gargantuan creatures if you could?

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  • NEVER! I don't like putting all your eggs into one basket.

    27 12.62%
  • Sometimes... I like a little spice every now and then.

    142 66.36%
  • ALWAYS! Your army can taste the underside of my giant superheavy foot!

    45 21.03%
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    Default Superheavies in Normal 40K - Would You Use Them?

    A simple question.

    The latest rumors swirling around say superheavies (and gargantuan creatures) are going to be added to main game.

    Now I'm sure there will be restrictions of some type.

    For example in the Horus Heresy books superheavies work as follows in "normal" games:

    1 "Lords of War" FOC slot per detachment.
    Lords of war cannot exceed 25% of your point total.
    Lords of war always count as secondary objectives and give up 2VP to the opponent if they are killed.
    So the question is would you field them, and how would you do it?
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    I would be all for it honestly. It would mean I would get some occasional use out of my super heavies without having to plan an Apoc game. You cant really do a pick up game of Apoc.

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    Damage tables for supers must be included.
    1-2 one weapon cannot shoot next turn
    3-4 one weapon destroyed chosen by owner
    5 minus 3" movement
    6 d3 hull points and roll again with no ap mods.

    Simple but fairer.

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    I play 40k already with super heavies,

    It's called apocalypse, I so so hope they don't ruin 40k the way they have fantasy, where biggest wallet or deepest pockets wins

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    I would at least once or twice, if only because I've had a Baneblade since not long after the original Apocalypse came out and have yet to be able to field it, due to a lack of Apoc games in the immediate area.

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    Are we talking superheavy expansion optional rules Like Altar of War missions or Death from the Skies where technically alternate missions and dogfighting rules are part of the mechanic for the main game, or an expansion along lines of spearhead or planetstrike rules where you are playing a seperate subruleset

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    I would play against them but prob wouldn't use them. Necron Scarabs or Dark Eldar Wyches with Haywire grenades would soon see them gone and the extra VP would be welcome.

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    Honestly i would love for this so called "Escalation" expansion to be true. I would love to field a super heavy of some kind in a regular game because myself, i have no intention to play apocalypse. I know i'll never have a force large enough to play apoc and with that many big guns on the table it just gets silly in my opinion. Though i certainly think their should be some kind of restriction like you've mentioned for heresy. Also i think you should inform your opponent beforehand out of courtesy, not as a rule but just to not pull a dick move and hide it until deployment. I'm sure the expansion will detail it in full the and i highly doubt it will be for "normal 40k" in the sense you people seem to think. More for use in it's own separate rule-set/scenarios like cities of death and planetstrike already are. So that you can't just pull a fast one a bring a super-heavy to a game no one expects you to. This way you choose to roll on the "Escalation" mission table instead of the "Eternal War" mission table. So both sides are warned in advance to the possibility. Though to repeat, i hope some very similar restriction to heresy is in place to avoid small point game cheese.

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    I wouldn't have a problem at all, so long as the points were balanced. After all, there's plenty of units in codicies that see little use because they're quite expensive to field, relative to their utility.

    Take the Baneblade. I don't know if its Apocalypse cost is appropriate for a tabletop game, but adding another hundred or so should make it alright.

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    Was it not the gladiator tournament (or is it format) that showed the only way to beat a super heavy was to have your own superheavy? In which case like flyers initially until there is a good counter which isn't another super heavy I will always vote against it.
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