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View Poll Results: How often would you field superheavies/gargantuan creatures if you could?

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  • NEVER! I don't like putting all your eggs into one basket.

    27 12.62%
  • Sometimes... I like a little spice every now and then.

    142 66.36%
  • ALWAYS! Your army can taste the underside of my giant superheavy foot!

    45 21.03%
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    I have done it with my son using his Bane Blade and or Shadow Sword and restricted the game to 1500 points, although he found out that at that level it is really only effective with one SH. We have quite the collection of ruins and so a number of times the Super Heavy has been the objective in a slightly different way. I has to move down a main avenue and negotiate a corner to move off the table, say primary mission = move to new fire base. I am Eldar and don't have super heavies but have Dragons, Wraith Lord, Wraith Guard and Warlocks. Even with 6th Ed it can work. My job is to stop the vehicle from moving through the board of course. With lots of cover and moving down the street he has to use support troops to fend off the close flank attacks.

    He usually supports with walkers, chimeras and veteran units, (After all your not going to use conscripts for an escort on a capital weapon). Without the standard troops he can't prepare in advance against flanking targets such as a Falcon in a side street, because without line of sight he can't claim to know its there. Also we have an added rule that his infantry use their radios to communicate target information which means the one with the radio better not be closest to an enemy unit or they have decide to run to the tank or engage and destroy. It is fun and harder to achieve than you might think

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    We sometimes break them out. Only in games at 2500 or more points though.


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