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    Default Chaos Land Raider Proteus question...

    Thinking about getting a Proteus but don't have the IA 13 book yet... anyone know what the transport capacity is? Is it an assault vehicle like the normal LR? Any other special rules on it I should consider for my list? Thank you!

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    It has a capacity of 10 models (or 5 Terminators), does not have the Assault Vehicle rule, and can be upgraded with the Explorator augury web to reduce it's capacity down to 8 for a few cool rules: Scout, and the option every turn to either re-roll any of your own reserve rolls (whether failed or successful) or put a -1 modifier on all enemy reserve rolls for the turn. It is 200pts without the web, so the cheapest Raider, 250 with the web.

    Basically an expensive, tough, heavily armed Rhino...
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    Thanks for the info; also sorry I should have put this thread in the rules forum, my bad.

    No assault vehicle rule may be a deal breaker for my list...Can the Proteus be taken as a 'dedicated transport' for a terminator squad like a normal LR can? Or is it only taken as a straight heavy support slot?

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    In 40k, just as a Heavy Support. If you want an Assault vehicle, have you looked at the Spartan? Has Assault vehicle, a transport capacity of 25, 5 HP and some nasty firepower. Also looks like a big Proteus.
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    I will check it out thanks for the advice^^

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    Spartan all the way, the lack of assault vehicle is a deal breaker for me, even though I like the retro Lander Raider look of the Proteus.

    Also have a look at the Storm Eagle as a possible alternative...

    Edit: got my IA13 out - the CHAOS Proteus get the Ark of Unnameable Horror, which like the Augury Web reduces capacity to 8, any unit which shoots at the Proteus has to take a pinning test, if failed it may not fire and goes to ground. It doesn't work against units firing without LoS (barrage ect) and units with fearless or without a leadership value.

    IMO not worth the 50 points.
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    Yep, ordered a Spartan today; great advice guys. I also used the qualifying order to enter the Forge World win-a-titan contest!



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