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    Default Bluetwyst's Guide to Successful Posting

    Hello my fellow BOLSERS,

    I come to you with a couple tips for posting your painting.

    1. Format and Spell your post so it is easy to read.

    2. Hit preview before posting to check that your post follows number 1.

    3. Boldfacing, Underlining, Italics, CAPITALS, Different Fonts, and Large Text, are useful, but should never be overused.

    4. Name your thread informatively. Below are some examples of good and bad thread titles.

    GOOD: 'Bluetwyst paints Daemons' 'My Imperial Guard'

    BAD: 'daemons' 'IG'

    GOOD: 'Daemons of Chaos - The Haarlack Incursion' 'XXI Mordant Regiment'

    BAD: '5th Invasion of Harlaack' 'Mordant'

    As a rule, check to see whether people would be able to guess what your thread is about by the title. This doesn't mean you need an overly long title either.

    5. We don't all have great cameras, but there are lots of things we all should have that can improve pictures of models. Below are some tips for good pictures:

    - We don't want to see your living room, we want to see your model. You need one sheet of regular paper to remove the background. Simply place half of it on the floor and fold it up so half of it is up against a wall. Large armies are an exception.

    - A black picture is bad. Turn some lights on in the room and experiment with different locations when taking your picture to achieve the highest quality.

    6. Posting a picture can be a daunting task. One way to do it is:

    a. Create an account at,, or even use google's picasa.
    b. Upload picture to your service.
    c. Open up the picture, get the link to it.
    d. Click on the little picture icon when making your post and paste the link in. Or just type [+IMG+]url[+/IMG+] without the plusses.

    6a. Posting a picture can be a daunting task. The other way to do it is:

    a. Press the little "Insert Image" button on the the post editing icon strip to upload the image as a permanent attachment to your post.
    b. Select either the pictures in question from your computer, or insert a URL from the internet of the picture.
    c. Press the upload button. You can have up to 4 image attachments per post.
    d. We suggest images that are .JPGs of roughly 1024x768 pixels in size. You may get errors if you attempt to upload very large images.

    7. Please, please resize your pictures. Photobucket will help you do this, just select the forum size when getting your link.

    8. Do not post until you have the pictures ready. Posts about armies that you haven't started yet are not much fun to read.

    9. Seek out advice and don't get defensive when it is given. It is the best way to improve.

    10. Proofread your post please! Spending 2 minutes of your time will get many more people interested in what you have to show.

    Quotes to keep in mind when making your post:

    Posts are like food -A long post with no content is worse than something short sweet and to the point with real content. - Dragon Cultist

    A post should be like a miniskirt, long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep the viewer's attention.

    I think I've got most of the important things to remember, but if anyone has any more, please post them and I'll add.
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    Red face

    Posts are like food

    A long post with no content is worse than something short sweet and to the point with real content.

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    Quite right there Bluetwist, keeping things simple and clear will make things...uhm, well simpler and clearer for everybody.

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    Excellent work bluetwyst. Stickied!

    Remember folks, you can add attachments after 10 posts, so feel free to attach away.
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    Thumbs up

    Really splendid guide!

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    Excellent post...however, the funny thing is that I like seeing other people's surroundings, i.e., computer desk, porch w/back yard etc. Apparently some folks have messier houses than I do.

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    Default Successful Posting

    Thank you for your excellent post. I am new to 40k and posting. Sometimes it is hard to know what a person is posting when they use abbreviations or slang. Also, accurate spelling is a delight. Well done.

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    Huh- I spent the last two hours trying to figure out why I couldn't attach a file... *sigh* only a couple more posts to go...

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    Got it... thanks everyone for the tips!
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    Excellent advise to a newbie to forums like myself.
    I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics on here (I just hit 10 posts). This will def help!



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