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    Default Necron Chest Emblem Help

    Ok so I'm wanting to make some replacement chest emblems for my 'Crons, Sautekh ones shouldn't be too much of a problem as I should be able to make some molds using Imotekh's chest emblem, but I plan on using a Maynarkh Dark Harvest list as well so want the Maynarkh Glyph for using on Kutlakh , but the problem is my sculpting skills aren't that good, does anyone have any ideas or know anyone who would be able to sculpt a master that I could make a mold from?

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    Necrons do necrons have raised emblems? If so, perhaps you could file the emblem off a chest and make a press mold of it in Milliput as a 'blank', and then afterwards carefully carve the emblem into the mold itself. If they're indented you'd have to do a step in the middle to swap the impression over which is trickier. (I haven't had the chance to closely examine the new necron models.)
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