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    Default GW Xmas Bundles, whilst stocks last?

    Now, we probably all now about these super-duper money savers, and I for one am looking to pick the Ghost Warriors bundle to finally start up my Wraith army. Unfortunately payday is on the 15th, so just out of curiosity I ask how many other people are interested in these bundles, and would it be a good idea to reserve it? (I'm being a bit paranoid I know ) Anyway, feel free to ignore this, or reply... or whatever XD

    Oh yeah, and bear in mind that these bundles are seemingly designed to be used as the formations being released in GW's advent calender, how would this factor effect if you'd purchase one of the bundles?
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    These are splash releases that are very time-limited.

    I wouldn't wait, and never do if I can avoid it.

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    Haha, you managed to make me nerveous York, so I hurried and bought it... No reason to leave that tab open when you know you want it



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