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    Default Infiltration of non-GW models into 40k games

    What's the general consensus among the gaming community here on using non-official/non-GW models in your armies? There are some great looking models out there from other companies, and they would fit naturally in with 40k. However, since they are technically non-canon and not GW-issue, they...well, they're not GW. How do you feel about using these models?

    Now, I'm not talking about integrating that other games rules along with their models. I'm just talking about using different models with GW rules.

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    As far as I'm concerned, it is absolutely fine as long as it is obvious what they are meant to represent (this man is a guardsman for example) and their equipment is WYSIWYG. Generally that means I would say their guns have to be GW, although there are some 3rd party bits that look similar enough (and are usually intended to be versions of GW weapons) that are fine. That is how I see it anyway.

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    As long as everything is WYSIWYG and not a model made to take advantage of smaller size, then yeah its fine in my book.

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    All my zombies are mantic ones, they are cheaper, better sized, and look fantastic in a horde.

    but then I do my gamin in GG
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    My mate who loves his sq...err, The Emperor's Finest Heavy Gravity Astartes, and has converted an insane number of WFB Dwarves to have flamers, bolters and more flamers, uses Warmarchine Warjacks as his dreads. The scale is a shade better, given the slightly shorter stature of the models, the weapons are in line, and the squ, err, racial fluff makes the 'jack fit right in. He adds a little conversion work, e.g. pasting Aquila's to the torso, so in the end, it's a Barren-pattern dread.

    Moral; he makes it work.

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    Would love to see photos of the Warjack Conversions!
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    I've always been fine with it. You just can't use 'em in a GW store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houghten View Post
    I've always been fine with it. You just can't use 'em in a GW store.
    Depends how well they are hidden in the army >
    Potential war gameing Jawa.

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    As long as its obvious what they are and they're not going it to game the system, then its fine, lots of companies make some great stuff

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    Rule of cool I think always works. Though obviously if you are going to be playing in tournaments then it is all down to the TOs rules.

    I have once seen a redshirt pull a skeleton out of a middle of large unit as being non-GW. They have keen eyes! (This was in a GW store btw)
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