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    Default 1500 Marines to play MC heavy nids

    I have a game sometime within the next week that will be against nids, and they will quite probably include:
    A hive tyrant, broodlord and retinue, 2 fexes and 3 zoanthropes, all rounded off with a healthy number of stealers.

    so onto the list:

    Chapter Master - 180
    - Artificer Armour, Relic Blade and Hellfire rounds

    10 Man Tactical Squad - 170
    - Flamer and Missile Launcher

    10 Man Tactical Squad - 170
    - Flamer and Missile Launcher

    Dreadnought - 125
    - Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon

    Dreadnought - 125
    - Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon

    6 Assault Terminators - 240
    4 Thunder Hammer and Stormshields, 2 Twin Lightening Claws

    10 Devastators - 300
    Plasma Cannon and 3 Lascannons

    Land Raider Redeemer - 240

    total: 1500

    - Im working on the principle that things work better in pairs, which i have picked up from various places. hence 2 dreadnoughts.

    - Hellfire Rounds on the Chapter Master are there as the last time I killed a fex, it was a Captain with that wargear combo that did it, putting a bolter shell in its brain.

    - Devastators will hopefully at least put wounds on the expected MCs, and if the tactical squads are split into combat squads, thats 2 squads to flame stealers, 2 squads to put missiles into zoanthropes.

    - Land Raider Redeemer for its lovely flamestorm cannons, with its cargo of CC Termies to hopefully take down any remaining MCs
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    Because Nids struggle vs Armour, I'd suggest DakkaPreds over Devvys.

    If you MUST, then ML all round.
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