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    Any chance of some pictures. Seeing someone else's army is always cool.

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    Yeah, if you like them purple, do them purple, who says they're even bloodletters? they could be vicious daemons of Tzeentch, changed by the Changer of Ways to the shape of blood letters to better tear apart their enemies up close

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    The god color thing is a guideline man, there are as many variations of each god's troops as there are deamons.
    My Nurgle deamons army is currently growing and it's mostly red and yellow.
    Purple sounds good, and I'd love to see them.
    I may even steal it for my own eventual Khorne army if I like it :P
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    the person who criticized my army after all he was playing with half painted units most of them just primed...
    That should tell you the value of his opinion.

    I likely would have quipped: "Huh, purple not good eh? Thanks for the advice. Hey good job on your solid grey Space Marines. What chapter is that?" Sarcasm can be a great disarmer to put someone back in their place. Someone else's attempt to tear down my house in order to make theirs look bigger never works with me.

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    well, a long time ago someone commented on my RED bloodletters: those look too uniform, they are chaos demons, so they should look more chaotic, like purple, orange, green and all mixed together!

    don't sweat it, there are morons out there that forget to turn on their brain and their manners before opening their pie hole.

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    The purple is because (insert xenos here) blood is purple. There. That's why they are purple. We're just human-centric for saying they have to be red. They could be green and based on Ork blood (FOR THE BLOOD GOD)
    I'm thinking it'd probably turn out more like Daleks playing Quiddich. "It is the Potter!! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! " (someone I know on twitter)

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    I say cobblers to all those who diss someone's army because it's not the 'correct color'. Umm, it's Chaos... by it's very nature it is unpredictable, so I applaud you for wanting to do something totally different. A purple bloodletter will dish out just as much damage as a red one, and look pretty swish while doing so
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