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    Ok, so we're making assumptions at this point and a definitive answer has not been spotted in print yet?

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    Hmmm Blood Angels with their dedicated 205 point deepstriking land raider redeemers?

    Even put 3 death company in it for 60 points. DC are unable to hold an objective but their tank can?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord-Boofhead View Post
    Or just give them Objective secured?
    Yes that would work. Here's hoping.

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    I'm just brainstorming here...

    Which psykers in the game can do any of the following??

    1. Reroll to manifest - so far, I've got tigurius and azara redth (the badab mantis warriors guy - spelling way off. But does he reroll the first fail each turn or the first fail each game?)

    2. Reroll power selection, flat-out choose powers or otherwise know more powers than usual (tigurius can reroll his selection, some older codex powers such as blood angels, space wolves and grey knights are still non-random and typically 1 warp charge, sevrin loth gets to choose any 3 from a single discipline and gets a bonus power, and ML1 rune priests get 2 albeit arguably being somewhat overpriced without taking the awesome bubble into account)

    At the moment, I can see tigurius being devastating. If he has 4 powers, and you've got a couple of ML2 librarians (codiciers, eh eh 2nd edition?) to feed him a few extra warp charge points (total of 8-13 depending on roll), he can happily and reliably cast all 4, I think. 2 on warp charge 1 powers makes for a pretty reliable cast but even 1 is really good enough - quantity has a quality all of its own!! - and he can probably fire off one or two higher level casts with a good deal of reliability, also - throwing 3 or 4 dice into, say, prescience should succeed a good deal of the time. The great thing about it is he's a force multiplier - he makes better use of your other librarians' points than they themselves could. Meaning he'll cast his 4 cheapish spells, and they may even have enough points left over to take a punt at their own powers (3 each if they went for mastery). The 3 psykers will have 10 powers known between them, so this would be entirely doable if they have all warp charge 1 powers. Realistically, some powers are situational or you might roll some powers that are too expensive, so you might attempt, say, 6 or 8 casts. But that's no worse than those 3 psykers would do in 6th, really. In some ways better.

    Sevrin loth seems like a total beast. He can reliably pick, say, iron arm, enfeeble, and warp speed, and then for 5 points he gets his 2+ invuln (no check required I think), 6 attacks, init 7, strength 7 (attack with the bolt pistol if you have iron arm), toughness 7, smash and his opponent is at -1 strength and toughness. And wounds caused in challenges now carry over to the unit. Of course, he needs to roll to manifest these powers, and won't likely succeed all of them. But he can happily throw an extra die at iron arm and warp speed without breaking the bank. That's 7 points. If he fails at iron arm, he can always have a punt at force weapon instead for a single warp charge. And if there's a surplus of points he can happily fire off smite.

    That's probably more than he could hope to accomplish in 6th, even if there's a tad more randomness involved.

    3. Bonus to deny the witch attempts or otherwise hamper enemy casting -

    Rune priests and njal have a 4+/3+ bubble that applies to everything including blessings. Depending on how it gets faqed I can imagine it being a +1 or even +2 to all deny attempts, though +2 is a tad overpowered if it stacks with other bonuses. My guess for a relatively balanced but still awesome FAQ would be to make it the same as a psychic hood but apply to all powers, not just witchfire. Then maybe make njal's +2 - it's not quite a 3+ bubble on its own but if it stacks with even one other bonus, it is. Until a FAQ is issued, however, I assume that the runic weapon bubble is completely independent and additional to using warp charge points to deny the witch?? Making it seriously OP.

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    why do people talk sevrin loth only gets 3 powers? in the psyker FAQ forgeworld released for 6th edition has it written that severin loth has all SM powers (wich are no longer available) or can select a single discipline and roll 6 times there. his options are biomancy, telekinesis and pyromancy. the new rulebook says unless otherwise stated in the codex. generate as many powers as he got mastery levels. so yeah.. awesome guy.
    he gets all 6 powers + primaris + his invul power.. thats 8 powers from the go... considering his allready quiet nice profile of 4 attacks a force axe and combine that with iron arm and quickness.. yeah.. 7 attacks base at S8 ini 1. 2+ invul and a T of 7. nice dude.
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    Because... here's the link to the FAQ. This seems to be the most recent one.

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    It's because he no longer gets 6 powers. I believe those are outdated rules. He now gets to pick 3, or something like that.
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    ah yeah thats solves it. thank you both. they should get rid of the old stuff...

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    Yeah it seems often they remove the links but leave the page there, so bookmarks can give you out-dated info. Sometimes they don't even remove the links - e.g. experimental rules for fire raptor even though it has been published!

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    Looks to me that Vehicle Flyers are the big winners. They got harder to kill with the rest but remain just as hard to hit, only on a 6. They also seemed to have dodged the nerf that hit Flying MC. Full steam ahead on my fighter wing.


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