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    Default Brotherhood of Fire, Ironclad Dreadnought

    Hi folks.

    This guy has been sitting on my desk for a while, thought I'd get round to sharing him.

    Never liked the front of the Ironclad, so I thought I'd rebuild the sarcophagus. Something more fitting for a hero. I've also got more Dreadnoughts than I know what to do with, so I reposed the legs to look like he's actually walking (quite important with only two close combat weapons and heavy flamers!) I also like the front of the Ironclads, so moved the assault launchers round to the shoulders. Not entirely sure it works, but oh well.

    I've still got the other two arms to assemble, then obviously need to get round to painting. What do you guys think so far?
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    Great, love the articulation you've put into the legs
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