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    Default 1 week (1.5 hours a day) Infinity Terrain Board with a Paranoia Theme

    So some of you may have seen these pics on my facebook page, but I am really excited that this all came together in about 8 days (missing days and putting in a hour here and there)....

    End of Day 1

    End of Day 3

    End of Day 5 - Move to 4x4 board

    End of Day 8 - Current status, nearly complete

    Tournament is on January 25th, this terrain will see some action soon.


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    Looks awesome! So it's just 1 inch insulation foam that's cut and glued together?

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    The Foam is 1/2 inch. I originally designed the idea and handed the sketch over to Modest Magic who laser cut the foam. I'm embarrassed that it took so long to decide I was going to put it together, but I did not have the confidence in getting it painted. Earlier attempts with a different color pallet failed. And I did not own (and still don't own) an air brush. Then I ran to a local craft store to help my mom out and realized that there was foam safe spray paint. With a tournament coming up (Jan 25th) and us having some out of town guests to the tournament, we needed more terrain. A week later, this is where I'm at.

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    Yeah it looks great, may have to try this as we are starting up a League to introduce new players.

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    Did you use H20 paint from Krylon?

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    Actually the brand was Design Master. But I will caution that you have to read the back label and find the ones that specifically say "can be used with Styrofoam"

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    The whole set together really looks good!



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