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    Thanks for the review, it's nice to have perspective from someone not deeply entrenched in the flyrant camp. It's also quite interesting to see your negative opinions to the crone and positive ones to the haruspex - the rest of the echo-chamber seems to be diametrically opposed.

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    Here's an interesting thought (yes I'm still waiting for my pre-order to arrive, so I'm not sure until I get my codex in hand).

    Exocrine... depending on how it is worded you'll be hitting flyers on 5+ if it doesn't move?

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    You become BS4, but you still have to Snap Shot, which means that even though you're BS4, you fire at BS1.
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    Quick question; do the FMC's have the Skyfire rule or are they still limited to Vector Strikes and Snap Shots only at other flyers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thePirv View Post
    Quick question; do the FMC's have the Skyfire rule or are they still limited to Vector Strikes and Snap Shots only at other flyers?
    yeah that's in the FAQ, they do.

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    Trygon Prime and the Tervigan are not characters anymore so no more challenges. It is a mixed bag for me. Being able to challenge has helped make combats go into the opponents turn and pick out dangerous weaponry on sargents but also meant I couldn't decline when it didn't benefit me as they are both single models.

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    I didn't see this in the review of the Genestealers. Scything talons is not a brood-wide upgrade. It's per model. Similar to the old Mutations from 3rd edition. You could have a Genestealer brood with 10 stealers, and only 2 or 3 of them have Scything Talons. I almost always use a unit of Genestealers and I like this flexibility a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theik View Post
    I don't think this is actually the case. The rule specifically states that they are forced to fall back as if they had failed a morale check, it doesn't mention anywhere that being fearless will prevent this like it would have prevented a normal morale check. For hunt the distinction is made, but not for lurk.
    You are absolutely correct, Theik. There is no way to force Survive rolls as Seek Cover rolls, and even Fearless units "must immediately Fall Back."


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