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    Default Isengard army list help needed

    So I've never really played LotR bar one intro game at my local store but I'm feeling Isengard as an army simply because the Uruk-Hai are just so damn cool. However I could do with a bit of assistance...

    I'm not sure if the usual size of a LotR game but I have a vague idea it's 600 points? Here's my first ever bash at a list, please feel free to tell me where I've messed up or I'm just being plain daft:

    Warband: Uruk-Hai captain w/heavy armour, shield
    7x Uruk-Hai w/shield
    4x Uruk-Hai w/crossbow
    1x Uruk-Hai w/banner

    Warband: Uruk-Hai Shaman w/Armour
    8x Uruk-Hai w/pikes
    4x Uruk-Hai w/crossbows

    Warband: Sharku w/Warg, shield
    3x Warg Rider w/shield, throwing spears
    1x Isengard Troll w/spear

    So that comes out at 599 points and 31 models, giving me a breakpoint of sixteen. I figure I have a decent combat centre of Uruk-Hai with shields backed up by pikes/crossbows and a shaman then a troll for anything nasty (I'm looking at you Aragorn...). Plus I have Sharku and his boys for flanking/hero hunting etc.

    So I figure maybe I'm a bit thin on the ground? 31 models doesn't seem an awful lot to me and a sixteen model breakpoint is quite disconcerting. I also suspect I should probably drop a few of the pikes for more shields to beef up the first wave, or maybe more crossbows?

    The only models I've actually bought so far is the Uruk-Hai boxed set with five pikes and five shields so I'm open to any suggestions you have.

    Any advice would be grand.

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    600pts is a decent sized game yeah.
    On reflection I'd thinkk over the following;
    4 Warg riders ain't many.
    A musician may be a good investment.
    That's all at the moment.
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    Needs Shagrat. Or whatever he is called. His ability to knock down enemies is incredibly OP. Bring a Task Master to give him 4+ free Heroic combats/ Heroic strikes and you're laughing.



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