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    Default Blood Angels Banner Project

    I began a banner a few months ago and wanted to post up the pictures I have of what I've completed so far. This isn't the usual painted banner either, I have decided to create my banner by Hooking, its a linen-burlap backing with hand cut wool threads for all the color. Please ask any questions you have. I will also be doing commissions, so if you want your own battle standard, please PM me!

    This banner is going to be 5ft x 3ft and its getting quite heavy.

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    More images.

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    Colour me intrigued.
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    Default Woah

    cant wait to see it finished ... dont know why i never thought of making a banner that way before ... id love to make an IG regimental standard

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    Looks pretty amazing. How much dya think you'll be charging for commission pieces like this?

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    awesome I want one I'm a avid BA fan so this would really be cool!

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    Incredible! I would love to see a Dark Angel one of these.

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    I'm glad people like it! If you are interested in a commission please PM me. Any size/shape/color and pattern can be done! Thanks!


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