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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Zuidgeest View Post
    Thanks Grim! Its done with woodland scenic snow effect, its snow made to mix with PVA glue and some white paint.
    Ah, I have a tub of that. Do you happen to have a rough mix guide? (Sorry to be a pain!)
    My Craftworld Arithym Project Log. Please have a look!

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    Hey Everyone!

    BigGrim: mix should be a thick sticky paste don't go with too much water, i always do it on feeling.... but you can test it while you mix it on a piece of paper.

    Another World eaters commission finished!
    More models for this army will come later this year.

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    Wow, looks great, man. Very good gore and weathering.
    Blood Angels Army Project

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    Hey all!

    Cheers Meph

    Today some more painted models!
    A knight for the death guard mech i am working on from time to time and Horus Lupercal, the start of the next big army commission.


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