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    Default Scarsminiaturemadness

    Hey everyone!

    I have been a hobbyist since 17 year now and this love for the hobby and painting has even grown into my own painting studio!
    And since there is so many great art work here i thought i could get some nice inspiration from these blog and as well share some of my own!

    Here are some pictures from work i have done and i will keep this thread updated as much as i can!

    My Emperors children that won the Armies on parade of 2013 in the Benelux:

    My personal World eaters army:

    My personal warhound titan:

    This is it for now currently working on my new project for Armies on parade and pictures will soon follow!


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    These look awesome
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    Omg those are fricking awesome
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    Sweet! You're good
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    Those are awesome! I love the beak on the storm eagle. And the OSL looks so real.

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    Since i have sold my World Eaters and im currently working on a new project.
    Here is a little sneak peak of what's coming up!
    They are still WIP...

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    You are officially my new hero.....

    Could we please have some details on how you painted the Emperors Children? They are so good.

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    big ffan of your work! love the armies on parade board and your world eaters. if i had the cash laying around i surely buy it from you in a heartbeat! keep them comming!


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