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    Hey all!

    A bit over ambitious, tying to paint and 2 dreadclaw and a kharibdyss in 1 day is really to much, managed to finished 1 of the claws the rest will follow tomorrow

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    omfg just look at that titan!

    I think you just joined the two-foot-high club!
    Which you could actually do:

    And brilliant stuff with the rest of the minis as well. Those Custodes and SoH are a joy to look at.
    Blood Angels Army Project

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    Thanks Meph!!

    Had to stop early today so missed about 1 hour on finishing the kharibdys... so only 1 more claw to show today!

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    Hi all!

    So today some big updates!!

    First of all the Kharibdys is finaly finished!:

    Then i have some blood angels to show you, just a small force with a quick paintjob!

    And last but not least the final pictures of the Sons of Horus army i painted over the last several weeks!

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    Finished some eldar for an army i did last year!

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    Just finished this set, amazing terrain i must say!

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    More wolves, this time 10 grey slayers on tabletop and 10 Deathsworn on tabeltop PLUS:

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    Hey all!!

    Finished some more wolves!

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    Hey all!!

    So huge update since i had some mayor deadlines this week.

    First we start with some Night Lords painted for my former Night lords army that i sold to one of my clients and he wanted some more models painted!

    Some more mechanicum:

    And last but not least! The finished Spacewolf army!

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    Hey all,

    Time for another update!
    Painted some more ironwarriors some Nids and some scenery!


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