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    Cheers Cactus!

    Today some jetbikes!

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    Hey all,

    So i have finally got a client ordering the building and painting of the WARLORD titan!
    When he ordered the commission with me i could not resist of getting one myself as well.
    Here is the first week:
    Day one all parts washed and laid out and the start of the legs.
    Second day the building of the head and torso and
    4th and 5th i started painting the lower body.

    And i have recently sold all my warhammer fantasy armies to get into Darklands with a friend of mine and probably drag some more people with us into that game.
    So i needed a nice table to play some games on!
    Here is the scenery i have build so far:

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    Hey All!

    Today a 30k Typhon painted as a 40k Typhus and more work done on the warlord!
    He is getting close to finishing now!

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    So only some kill banners left to make this weekend and then he is done!

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    So back to the SOH commission, just a few more models!

    Today 4 more characters, tomorrow 2 rhinos and a vindicator!
    Then just 2 dreadclaws 1 Kharibdys and 15 reavers and the full army is finished!
    Cant wait to set everything up in the photobooth and take pictures of this massive army.

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    omfg just look at that titan

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
    A knee high fence, my one weakness


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