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    Well, gosh. This part of the lounge is quiet, no? I guess most Inquisitors are over on the Conclave.

    I wanted to share my progress on my INQ28 project. INQ28 is the process of using the Inquisitor rules-set with 28mm models (it sounds obvious, doesn't it?). With only the tiniest tinkering to the rules, it allows some very interesting gameplay!

    My gaming circle has gotten behind INQ28 and we're soon going to be embarking upon a lengthy campaign. Before doing so, however, we need some models! I've been working with my friend Steve (a far more talented painter than me) to create some models.

    Arbitrator Titus Dio and his Cyber-Mastiff

    Sylus Tem, Sage

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    Inquisitor Adorno

    Seraphael, Daemonhost

    Mourn, Mercenary

    The retinue together.

    There is of course much more to come! Please stay tuned.

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    And a picture of the Marine alongside Inquisitor Adorno

    Hierophant - This character is still undetermined...

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    They look rad, real shame Inq never really gathered momentum, i always thought it would flow better using a modification of the Necromunda ruleset, fit more game into the same space and time, plus at that scale there is a much wider variety of still detailed models and scenery.

    i went through a phase where i bought a lot of the somewhat obscure models 40k and necromunda have to offer (schaeffers last chancers were great for example) in the vain hope of using them in game one day... one day...

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    I only just discovered INQ28 over the holidays, and was instantly hooked. Anyone who has read Abnett's Eisenhorn/Ravenor books shouldn't be able to get enough of this. Thanks for name checking The Conclave, wasn't aware of the community till now.

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    INQ28, such an obvious but genius idea, but also such a shame GW couldn't think of it/bother acting on it. Would see so much more play than regular scale Inquisitor. Looks fun, models look sick and I want to play it



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