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    Question When can you justify a model to be 100% complete

    Just a question to the community how do you personally justify a model that is done to a degree of table top standard?
    I seem to have this issue when I feel its done but then I feel it could be improved.

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    2. All miniatures in your army must be fullypainted.
    We expect that all your models are fully painted
    in time for the event. The main reason for this
    is that part of your event is the chance to play
    against fully painted armies. This is a key part of
    our events for many people as they are often up
    against the armies of grey plastic miniatures, or
    sprayed black legions.
    We purposely do not define what “fully painted”
    is. We do not wish to either restrict our customers
    with an overly elaborate, airtight definition as we
    believe this will do more harm than good. You
    should be free to paint your models however you
    choose. Likewise we also do not want to have in
    place something like a “Three Colour Minimum”
    which is extremely ambiguous and easily open
    to abuse.
    Simply put, every hobbyist knows, deep down,
    when a model is painted or not. We ask you
    to ensure your models are fully painted out of
    respect for everyone else at the event who
    have made the effort to get their models done, as
    well as the plethora of people who stay up late
    the night before, furiously painting their models
    just to get them finished.
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    OK now what is the Max amount of paints you should use to avoid over detailing a model I have feared that adding to much detail would ruin a model or make it too hard to replicate for the other models.

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    thets all subjective. if you feel it is over detailed, then it is. if you feel you want or could add more then it is not done. I look at a model and if I feel I can improve or highlight another detail, then it is not done. for this one reason I have never finished a single unit in 20 years.

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    hmm, methinks maybe the question is not how much to paint a miniature but how to paint a miniature. adding detail should not ruin the model, it should enhance it.

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    its glued on a base. its wysiwyg. paint to taste. its a free country. if a TO sets a minimum painting standard thats up to them. at my club on thursday only ONE guy had a fully painted 40k/warmachine army. though to be fair club games might be part of a WIP.

    the saga vikings were very pretty though and fully painted.

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    I also, have been painting miniatures for over 20 years (40k for only six). I just realized the other day that I have never actually finished painting a miniature. I always feel that there are just a couple of more details that I could add to enhance the model. In the end you just have to learn to let it go. There are too many miniatures in this world to truly ever be done. For tabletop standard just choose a three color paint scheme (any more than that and you haven't actually committed to a paint scheme) . Add one layer of shading and one layer of highlight for all three colors areas. A little weathering. Some basing. When that is done to a non-obsessive standard then apply the decals. THEN STOP MESSING WITH IT! Learn to let go. True perfection is unattainable. Understand that you will never be complete.

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    I think it's done after its had a gloss coat and three coats of matte

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    As a bare minimum, I've always judged a model to be painted when the surface has been completely covered by at least three colors of paint without any primer showing through (colored primers can count a color). The bases need to also be painted or flocked.
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    It's your model, so it should be completed when you think it is. I have a pretty good idea when each of my models is complete; though then again, many of my armies have been touched up, re-based or even completely repainted years later depending on how interested/motivated I am.


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