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    The answer is never. :P There is *always* more that can be done.
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    For me?

    Undercoat. Base coat (May be multiple colours, depending on model), neutral wash (brown/black for instant shading), dry brush, wash/ink (matching the area being washed, to enhance colour depth), base, aaaaaaaand done!
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    I second what people have said about needing to decide for yourself. Me, my standard is primer, base coat, wash, dry brush, pick out details, base, and done. I might do more than that for specific models, but that's what I consider done for normal models.

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    The biggest problem I have when I feel a model is fully painted is it becomes really slippery! I have lost count of the number of models I have been proud of only to see them bounce accross the floor less than a week after I have decided they are done.

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    Ask yourself: "is this model finished". Then you know the answer.

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    I'm done when anything else I could do, at the degree of difficulty the model's role warrants (this is important- I could spend way more time on each Clanrat, but I would go insane), would no longer improve the model, but detract from it. That could be because an addition might be beyond my abilities, or because it would make a model too "busy", or because another blending pass might render the highlighting and shading unrecognizable. There's nothing worse than doing an extra step because you don't feel like you've done enough, and then finding out that you liked it better before that last pass.

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    When I show it to Mrs Jams and she doesn't immediately point out a bit I missed. I could hand her the most amazingly-shaded model I'm capable of and inevitably she'll just respond with something like "is this belt pouch meant to look so flat?"

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    And then there's the feeling you get when you're done with the model, and it's out on the battlefield...and you notice that you missed some small thing like a buckle. A minor thing, really, but suddenly that stupid buckle is ALL you see when you look at the model...

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    Personally i feel that it is completely within the skills of the painter. Like previously stated, 2-4 colors with some highlighting etc tricks.

    Most importantly when this kind of questions come up my strongest comment is that i never count base as something needed to be painted / flocked etc. For me, bases are just the means to keep the model up, and determine some gameplay mechanics that rely on the base. I actually prefer my bases black, and someone requiring me to paint/flock them will get me furious.

    It also can easily break the aesthetics of the setting in my opinion (snow bases on sand dunes / mid summer forest etc.). Only units that i feel could actually get allrounder bases are chaos daemons.. with them some sort of daemonic volcanic activity could be understandable no matter the setting in question..

    And as an after thought, with that logic maybe tyranids with biomass stuff, and some unique characters like the avatar..

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    For me, I don't focus on one model when I am painting and I'll let a few minor errors go. The important thing is that the unit as a whole looks complete. I do put a little more work into the centerpiece models but I try to keep to a simple paint scheme for everything.


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