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    Default Possible changes to scenery range....


    Just passing on a tidbit from my local GW, gathered on Saturday whilst chin wagging with the manager (and my former bossman).

    Seems some of the scenery kits are being withdrawn, or at least can't be ordered at the moment.

    Now it is mostly Warhammer stuff at the moment (Witchfate Tor included), but it's starting with 40k (Battlescape, that one with the wrecked Rhino) now.

    How far this will go? I don't know. Is it permanent? I don't know. Could be repackaging into sets, could be bye bye forever. Not enough information at this time.

    But, I would say now seems the time to round out any scenery collection you may have, as leaving it later may lead to disappointment.
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    Hope it doesn't forever.
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    Just had a look at the GW Website and the Battlescape is indeed gone.

    I don't think anything else has, but original point of 'may want to buy now' stands overall.


    To those thinking 'well the piece I've got me beady eye on is quite new, so I should be ok....'

    The recent Mansion for the Warhammer range (with the telescope/tower option), which was featured in the Blood of Sigmar book? That's gone. Thankfully I already have one, so I'm ok. But it goes to show, it seems this particular reaper isn't fussed for a kit's age!
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    What?! I had literally just decided to buy a battlescape today! :P Also the older moonscape plastic craters seem to have disappeared too. Don't know when they went, but maybe they have been totally replaced by the quake craters? Possibly the same with the battlescape.

    The crashed aquila fighter has gone too.

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    Some GW stores, and I would assume FLGS should still have stock, but once it's gone, it'll be gone.
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    It would be nice if they gave warning prior to a model being removed like this though- may give them a final little sales boom for the product before it is finally removed too.

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    Old news, GW have been discontinuing scenery for years.
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    Ok, you can still actually get the battlescape as part of the Warhammer 40k battlefield set. Which is a bit weird. Presumably they still have stock of the boxed set floating around and that will be discontinued soon too.

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    Sad Panda. At the least it should be a tit for tat, with obvious 'replacements' incoming. That said, I never like having fewer options that before, and I do like scenery: probably the second largest model collection after my primary army =P

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    There are two new pieces for Fantasy in the Vamp story/campaign book which have yet to be released.
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