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    Default How Similar are RT/DH and WHFRPG

    Hi all,

    My FLGS had an inventory day sale. Everything was 50% until they inventoried it (Virginia taxes weird, so it was in their interest to sell things before they "counted" them on January 1). I got there just before the RPGs were done (but well after GW stuff in general... Poo on them). So I picked up a copy of RT, the RT GM kit, the WHfantasy box (the $100 jobby) and the Adventurer's tool kit.

    My long time gaming buddy (best friend from HS) is looking to run a WHFR game, so I thought I'd pick up the rules while they were cheap and see about learning it. I havn't cracked the set yet, and I wanted to know before I delved to deeply into it, how similar are the rule sets for each version of the games? The game store owner said that DH and RT were the same, but with different points of view, but she wasn't sure how different the rules were for the WH box set. Following reviews, I would say very different, but I wanted to find out from those that might have played.

    Thanks for your time.

    John M>

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    DH/RT are pretty much the same thing, but have some major differences (e.g. thrones vs. profit factor for buying things).

    Dark Heresy is very grim dark and follows what you would expect to see in 40k. You play as a member of an inquisitor's retinue and you track down heresy and corruption in the Imperium.

    Rogue Trader on the other hand allows you to do things outside of the Imperium, and occasionally act against it. I feel like the GM has a ton of freedom to explore less evil and dark portions of 40k.

    I haven't played a lot of WHFRPG, but with the little bit that I have I can tell it is substantially different than either of the 40k systems. You don't even use dice with numbers on them! And you use cards and such to keep track of actions.

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    Without the setting of RT / DH the rules are the same for combat etc.

    But u cant start with both charactes in the same group, cause RT charakters are more developed so the DH Char needs more exp to match at the start.



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