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    Default Greetings from Spain: Bad Roll Games is born!!!


    My name is Marcos García and I come on behalf of a new Spanish miniature brand called Bad Roll Games, founded by a group of three friends who is developing Punkapocalyptic, the pimp and lethal skirmish post-apocalyptic game. You can see all the info and news about the game at our webpage or on our Facebook page, and we are on Twitter too.

    This is a new skirmish game, planned for abour 8 to 12 miniatures per side (Mutards can have some more, as they are cheaper) and games which last for about 2 hours. The size of the miniatures is 30 mm to the eye, and the first version of the rulebook is already uploaded in the webpage and ready for free download for you to test, as well as the rules for the two first gangs and six scenarios.

    But as the main thing here are the miniatures, I will not bore you with any more info and let's go straight to the pictures. Here you are some of the greens for the miniatures that are being made for us, and that the Big Child Team, with Jose Manuel Palomares on the lead, will be painting in a near future. We hope to be on the market through our online store on May, but we will keep you updated with info and pictures.

    Thank you for your attention, now it's miniature time!!! (Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures, they will improve with the painted versions, rest assured).

    Mutard Bobblehead, modelled by Leonardo Escovar

    Ganger Scumbag, modelled by Julen Galparsoro

    Ganger Brute, modelled by Iván Santurio

    Mutard, modelled by Leonardo Escovar

    And as a real sneak-peek for you to amuse with, a Ganger Female Chief, modelled and painted by the crew at BigChild. This will be one of the first five miniatures we will be starting with.


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    Hello and welcome aboard!
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    Thank you very much!

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    come to the oubliette

    Enjoy our tangents

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    Great looking miniatures, I look forward to seeing the webstore open. Your figures look as if they will match well with the Taban Eden models.

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    Thanks for the comments, people! Today I bring you a new miniature, freshly painted by the boys at BigChild Productions and modelled by the talented Leonardo Escovar: a Mutard with Extra limbs and Sure feet mutations.

    Remember you have more info on our webpage and at our Facebook.


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    This slimy Mutard modelled by Leonardo Escovar has been painted by the BigChild team. This will be one of the first miniatures to be released on out debut next month. The Punkapocalypse is nigh!!!

    Remember you have more info on our webpage and at our Facebook.

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    Well, here you are a new painted miniature. This is a Ganger Brute modelled by Iván Santurio and painted, as usual, by the BigChild crew. This will also be one of the initial miniatures to be released next month.

    Remember you have more info on our webpage and at our Facebook.

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    This new miniature, a Mutard Bobblehead has been modelled by Leonardo Escovar and painted as usual by the BigChild team. This one will also be included in the first batch of releases next month, and there is only one left to show you to complete that initial wave.

    Remember you have more info on our webpage and at our Facebook.

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    At last, with this las miniature we complete the first wave of releases. This Ganger Scumbag

    has been modelled by Julen Galparsoro and painted by the BigChild crew. In a few days they

    will be available for purchase on our online store, and we will inform you ASAP. And

    remember that we will be present in the Desafío Wargames at Zaragoza this year.

    Remember you have more info on our webpage

    and at our Facebook.


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