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    Starting today at 9 am (Central European Time) you can access our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund what will be our third faction for this game, the Junkers. During this campaign you will be able to buy any miniature already in our range, the new gang’s Starter Pack or the exclusive miniature we have designed for this campaign.

    If you want to know more, you can read about it here.

    If you want to make your contribution (thank you!), there you go the link to the campaign.

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    Hi there! So far, our crowdfunding campaign is meeting a huge success, with more than 5,000 euros raised in 4 days. We are really close to meet our campaign goal to fund the Junkers faction for Punkapocalyptic, but we would also love to get some nice stretch goals for you people to get really cool free extras in the process (like this Piston with Harpoon gun).

    For those of you who are still reluctant or even don't know us from our last year's work, we have prepared some articles about the game, our previous work and Indiegogo campaigns.

    Thank you, and keep the dice rolling!

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    A week so far with our Indiegogo campaign running and we have raised more then 80% of the funds! Good work! But we still need a slight push to make it to 100% and start unlocking some juicy and FREE extras for all of our backers who pledged for a Starter Pack or above.

    To such end, today we have uncovered the following three stretch-goal extras available at 10,500, 12,000 and 13,000 euros. Maybe they are cool and luring enough to make you increase your pledge level, or even talk some friends into sense and make them join the campaign. Free miniatures for everyone, it's a win-win!

    Check it out!
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    He seemed to be gone from the Wasteland for a really long time, but today the legendary Crazy Mel is back to Scrapbridge.

    We now present you with one of our future releases, the first in a series made of high-quality resin, scheduled for next July if everything goes smoothly. The machete will be a separate piece, in case you want to have it more like the movies, and will have an optional head with The Goose helmet, glasses and mask.

    This miniature is not part of the current Indiegogo campaign, but as a token of gratitude for all of you who have put your money in it, we will raffle 5 of them among those who have pledged at "Scrapbridge neighbor" level or greater.

    What a lovely, lovely day!!!

    If you want to pledge on our Indiegogo campaign and enter the raffle of 5 of these miniatures, check it out here:

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    Holy ****, you did it! We have just funded our Indiegogo campaign, and it was all thanks to YOU, people! You are awesome, you really rock. THANK YOU!

    And now... let's unlock some of those fraggin' extras!

    Please note that, as a token of gratitude for all of you who made this possible, we have swapped the position of second and third unlockable stretch goals. That means that the first free miniature, the Junker Piston with Harpoon gun, is now closer to go home with all backers with access to the free extras: now it will unlock at 9,000 euros, and the free Extra Piston Arm with Ballistic punch moves to 10,000 euros.

    Ain't that cool, or what?

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    Great news!

    Having already funded the Indiegogo campaign, we have started to rally our modellers and designers to begin with the miniature production process.

    Here you have an early 3D work in progress for the Female Junker Gear with Blunderbuss, made by RN Estudio, which will be part of the five miniatures included in the Starter Pack.

    We will keep these WiP shots coming as we get them! Stay tuned!

    If you want to have a look at the still ongoing campaign, just click here:

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    Be witness and spread the word! Eightfingers is in da house and he means business! The most famous Coke Crib's pit fighter is coming to crack some skulls, ask names and then crack some more skulls 'cause he couldn't care less about your god**mn names!

    Still working with RN Estudio to make some minor changes (scars, fingers overstock and armor details), but this is really close to what you will get as exclusive Indiegogo miniature if you pledged for a Starter Pack or higher on our crowdfunding campaign.

    This miniature won't be available on stores once the campaign is over, just in a bunch of weekend events we might attend in person during the next year. You wanna regret it for life? Pledge now!

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    Our Indiegogo campaign enters its last 48 hours and we have not only got the basic funding we needed, but also achieved to unlock the first free extra.

    But during the remaining time you still can give it a little last push and unlock even more things, which by the way are free for their most part.

    From the very moment we got the basic funding we started to order the new miniatures' designs and modellings from our sculptors, so we will be able to deliver them to you as soon as possible.

    The exclusive miniature for this campaign, Eightfingers, is already fully rendered on 3D. The copies will be made in high quality resin.

    Besides we have also begun to order the modelling of the rest of the Junkers that will make up the faction's Starter Pack (these ones will be made out of metal, as the rest of our current catalog). Some of them are being modelled digitally in 3D and the rest the traditional way.

    And ye be warned that we are really close to unlock the next stretch-goal level, at 9,000 euros, nothing more and nothing less than a free miniature of a Piston with Harpoon gun for every pledge level to access to the extra stuff.

    And if all this was yet found to be lacking for you we will raffle 5 miniatures of Crazy Mel, our next release, among those of you filthy sinners who have pledged for a "Scrapbridge neighbor" level or higher on our campaign.

    So, be witness and spread the word!!!

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    Hi there!

    Our modellers have been really busy and we can now show you three (yes, THREE) new finished models for the Junkers Starter Pack, adding to those already shown during the campaign (Eightfingers and the Female Junker with Blunderbuss). There are only two more to be done (both Junker Pistons, the one with Axe and six-shooter, and the one with the Harpoon-gun), and then we will be right into production phase! Behold!

    Junker Probe with Small blade and biohazard protection (modelled by Leonardo Escovar)

    Female Junker Gear with Pump-action gun (3D designed by RN Estudio)

    And the Junker Dynamo with Electric suit and Crack'n'snap rod (also modelled by Leonardo Escovar)

    Hope you like!!! Remember you have more info on our webpage, at our Facebook or on Twitter.


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